5 Ways to Make Your Home Bright During Diwali

By Hiranandani Parks

Traditional Diwali Decorations


Diyas, with their soft golden glow, illuminate the victory of light over darkness and welcome goddess Lakshmi into our homes during Diwali.

Decorative Candles and Lanterns


Enhance your Diwali decor with modern flair using decorative candles and lanterns. They offer diverse designs and colors for a festive touch.

Rangoli and Kolam Art


Elevate your Diwali decor with a vibrant rangoli at the entrance—creative, welcoming, and beautifully illuminated with diyas or candles.

Fairy Lights and LED Decor


Create a modern and enchanting Diwali atmosphere with energy-efficient fairy lights and LED decorations endless possibilities for a magical ambiance.

Floral Decor


Enhance Diwali decor with fresh marigolds, roses, or jasmine, or opt for lasting beauty with artificial flower arrangements.