Designing Your Home With A False Ceiling

False ceiling made of Gypsum board

These boards are regarded as eco-friendly solutions and are also known for ease of installation. They also come with fire resistance attributes.

Durable POP False Ceiling

Choose a lasting solution with POP boards for intricate and stylish ceilings

Warm Wooden False Ceiling

Add warmth with wooden ceilings, but be cautious in humid areas to prevent cracking or warping.

Stylish & Durable Metal Ceiling

Get strength and style with metal false ceilings, but be aware of potential corrosion risks.

Bright & Spacious Glass Ceiling

Transparent and spacious illusion with glass false ceilings, great heat insulators for room brightness.

Enhanced Acoustics with Acoustic Ceiling

Lower ceiling height, amplify room acoustics – that's the magic of acoustic false ceilings.

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