Things to Budget for After Buying a Home

Property Registration Fees & Stamp Duty Overview

Understand the costs of registering a property and stamp duty. Learn about percentage-based fees and fixed rates, essential for smooth real estate transactions.

Moving-In Expenses for Residential Investments

Discover the costs associated with relocating after purchasing a residential property. Learn about the expenses involved in packing, hiring moving services, and managing large and heavy items, essential for planning your move effectively.

Budgeting for Furnishing and Home Improvement

Plan for furnishing and home improvement expenses after buying a new home. Explore costs for new furniture, appliances, and potential upgrades, crucial for enhancing your living space.

Understanding Maintenance Fees for Apartments

Learn about maintenance charges for apartments, typically paid to developers in advance for one or two years. These fees cover upkeep and repairs for shared property areas, vital for maintaining your new home.

Property Taxes

Understand property tax obligations post-home purchase, levied annually by municipal or local government based on property location, value, and size. Essential information for homeowners managing ongoing expenses.

Your Home with Insurance

Protect your new home with essential home insurance coverage for both structure and contents. Explore comprehensive plans tailored to your needs and budget, ensuring peace of mind for your family.

Home Loan Expenses

Navigate home loan costs efficiently with insights on processing fees, EMI repayments, and interest rates. Essential information for informed decision-making when purchasing a new home.

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