Types of Home Loans

Land Purchase Loan

A Land Purchase Loan is an initial type of home loan provided by banks and housing finance companies. It enables individuals to acquire land for building a house. Banks typically offer up to 85% of the land's cost as a loan.

Property Buying Loan

A property buying loan is highly desired for acquiring real estate. It offers choices like fixed, hybrid, and floating interest rates for home buyers.

Build Your Own Home Loan

Customized for those building their dream home, this loan requires buying the plot within a year to include its cost. Loan amount is based on construction estimates, with various schemes offered by banks.

Home Expansion Loan

Some banks provide loans for expanding homes, covering alterations and new constructions. Home renovation and extension loans are popular options.

Switch Home Loan

Home conversion loans let you move to a new home without repaying your existing loan. It's costly but convenient.

Home Improvement Loan

Need funds for repairs or renovations? Get a home improvement loan to cover costs like repairs, painting, and more.

Balance transfer Home Loans

Transfer your home loan from one bank to another for better rates or service quality with balance transfer home loans.

NRI Property Loans

Tailored for non-resident Indians buying property in India, NRI home loans have distinct application and process requirements. Offered by select public and private banks.

Bridged Loans

Short-term loans for homeowners buying a new property, requiring a mortgage on the new house with a bank.

Stamp Duty Loans

Loans offered to cover stamp duty charges when buying a property.

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