Hiranandani Parks

Types of Villas

Each is designed to cater to different preferences and lifestyles.


Contemporary Villas

Often features open floor plans, large windows, and sleek finishes. Emphasizes clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic.


Traditional Villas

Reflects the architectural and design elements of a specific historical period or cultural tradition.


Mediterranean Villas

Inspired by the coastal regions often incorporates outdoor living spaces and lush landscaping.


Colonial Villas

Draws inspiration from the architecture of former European colonies. Often includes spacious verandas or porches.


Tropical Villas

Often includes features like outdoor showers, pool areas, and lush gardens.


Luxury Villas

Designed for high-end living, often with premium amenities. Offers a high level of comfort and exclusivity.


Golf Villas

Located within or near golf courses. Designed to cater to golf enthusiasts, providing easy access to the sport.


Waterfront Villas:

Emphasizes panoramic views and water-centric design. Often includes private docks, beach access, or boat facilities.

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