5 ways the Pergolas at Hiranandani Parks help residents to enjoy outdoor living space

5 ways the pergolas at hiranandani parks help residents to enjoy outdoor

From relaxations on your daily rounds to recreational spaces to practice music, crafts, yoga, and more, the artistically crafted pergolas extend your living space outdoors. Here are three simple ways to incorporate a pergola into your living space.

Frame an open-air workspace

Over the last few years working from home has become a norm. However, for many, the shift in dynamics is tough and boring. For the residents of Hiranandani Parks, the pergolas offer a flexible open-air workspace that’s separate from the home. Pergolas typically sport uncovered rafters for slight but noticeable shade much like sitting under a tree. This can help reduce the sun’s glare on a computer screen while still allowing natural light and a warm breeze to flow through the workspace. A short work time in the pergolas offers the residents the perfect respite and break from the work-from-home schedule. The pergolas at Hiranandani Parks also offer the perfect backdrop for residents while taking part in the video meeting.

The perfect space to hang out with friends and relatives

Have a get-together with your friends and relatives but the home’s layout is limiting the number of guests. The Pergolas at Hiranandani Parks provide the perfect space for outdoor entertainment! Set up a patio table here and enjoy a meal with your family. Rather than keeping everyone holed up indoors during a summer get-together, pergolas allow residents to enjoy the fresh air within a perfect outdoor entertainment area.

Create a relaxing getaway

Designing spaces that promote health and well-being are more popular than ever, which makes sense given the events of the last few years. If it’s difficult to find time for yourself within the walls of your home, use the pergola as a getaway that invites rest.

Perfect to practice yoga and meditate

The pergolas offer the perfect environment to practice yoga and meditate. The feeling of cool breeze and early morning sunlight will enhance the mood of the residents to do yoga and meditation.

Great environment for informal meetings and discussions

The pergolas at Hiranandani Parks offer an ideal atmosphere for organizing short formal and informal meetings. Airy and open, the space offers the participants a lively environment to discuss all their issues.

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