7 Advantages Involved in Living in Gated Communities


There are apartments. There are individual houses. But the fact remains that living in gated communities or a condominium has its own set of advantages and comfort factors involved.

What is a gated community?

A gated community is housing done at its best. With many people becoming increasingly unhappy with living in the city, there has been a rise in the number of people who wish to pursue gated communities.

Advantages Of Community Living

Gated communities come filled with amenities that are unmatched and will surely entice anybody who visits one. Power backup is on point, and the access to basic water needs are completely fulfilled.

Let’s go through seven advantages of living in a gated community, one by one.


Gated communities are known for their top-notch security services. The gaining factor in this is the fact that you and your family can be well assured of safety in the environment.

Barring actual security guards, these gated communities have cameras fit into every nook and corner to fill in all those gaps of a potentially unsecured area.

Optionally, residents of the house can opt for the ability to view who is standing outside their door when they ring the doorbell.

This will ensure that the residents are able to fully view who is outside rather than viewing from the peephole and being unsure of who the person outside is.

24-hour security also entitles you to keep a track on your littluns if they are going through that phase of moving out of your sight unwarrantedly. Cameras everywhere will solve your problem.

Backup Power

One of the biggest advantages involved in living in a gated community is the fact that they offer power backup facilities.

Gone are the days when you were watching something of your liking on the TV and it turns off due to some maintenance activity or overall power failure. You have power backup facilities backing you up!

Commercial Complexes

A very well-built community will have access to commercial complexes such as malls, shops, supermarkets, schools and et cetera.

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Another added advantage is the fact that most of these places will also have very good access to multi-specialty hospitals and the like.

If you’re lucky, you may even find all these within the gated community and that would definitely help you acquire an edge over living in standalone buildings which may or may not be in close proximity to stores and other general areas.


What is one thing that annoys you about the city? The traffic? We thought so as well! The entire atmosphere around your house will be silent if you take away that one annoying thing.

Can you live in a noise-free locality?

With gated communities, you can! Live in complete peace without the annoying abundance of traffic noises that is existent throughout the city today.

Experience total tranquility by living in gated communities!


In a gated community, you can be assured of meeting the same people, day in and day out. A sense of uniformity is thereby instilled.

This would make it much more easier to socialize and communicate with them! A gated community usually has people of all ages living in them, from toddlers to elderly.

If you have a child, you might meet another couple with a child around the same age as yours, and this makes it easy for the child to bud and make new friends while at it! Another added bonus is the fact that you have the chance of making friends with your neighbors as well!

Commonly, gated communities have an association for all owners which will organize gatherings like outdoor picnics and drives for causes.

Ensuring that you attend is pertinent due to the fact that you have a very big opportunity to socialize and make new friends and become a well-respected face in the neighborhood!

Socializing and communication aside, you will also have a helping hand in case of dire emergencies!

Monetary Value of Your House

So you’ve purchased your house, and have occupied it for a year and you have gotten a permanent transfer.

You have the option of leasing it or selling it and you choose the latter. Guess what? It will not be a very big problem!

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If you have selected a house in a gated community with a trusted builder you will find potential buyers of the property with ease!

Another situation is when your gated community is situated in a location which is up and coming. Many people will look to invest in budding locations and you will definitely end up with a decent profit.

The Environment

One of the biggest disadvantages of living in a standalone building is the fact that you will be exposed to traffic and hence smoke from vehicles, buildings and the population who choose to light up on the streets will definitely make you feel distressed and be exposed to a considerable amount of pollutants.

Gated communities are enclosed and the only vehicles coming and going out will mostly be that of its residents. Also, most gated communities do not let its residents light up in any place they choose to.

These communities usually incorporate a lot of greenery in trees and naturalistic elements and hence there will be a lot of exposure to fresh, clean air.

When all your basic services and amenities are close-by and walkable, people are less likely to use their vehicles and up the pollution in the area.

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