A City Within A City: Understanding The Growing Demand For Townships

Township Top view

A well-planned township speaks for itself, offering all the conveniences of a good lifestyle from shopping to education and healthcare facilities nearby. Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam, has gone a step ahead, providing access to a well-known CBSE school, a multi-specialty hospital, restaurants, and shopping centers for all your shopping needs with luxury and casual brands, right inside their 400-acre township. 

The township offers both excellent connectivity and public transportation. What’s more, investors can rest assured that Hiranandani Parks is being built by a developer with a proven track record.

The world over, there is a great demand for homes within townships that can provide a holistic living experience from strategic location offering liveable surroundings with ample greenery, but at the same time not neglecting great connectivity.

Let’s look at the biggest advantages of living in an integrated township. In other words, a town or a mini-city in itself. An integrated township has both residential and commercial spaces with suitable infrastructure and amenities. This ensures that its residents don’t have to venture far out into the city or even outside the development to fulfill their needs.

Townships are becoming the preferred choice of home-buyers as they are an integrated urban oasis with wide-open spaces, landscaped gardens, clean water bodies, and lush green lawns. Hiranandani Parks, for instance, has reserved a whopping 80 % of the total area for greenery. This is something that’s rare to find in a highly congested city like Chennai. 

Potential homeowners expect to find all their needs in one place. An integrated township has healthcare centers, schools, high-street shopping centers and malls, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, gyms, recreational spaces and a lot more! They bring you the best of a comfortable lifestyle.

Hiranandani Parks is in fact built around sports facilities and boasts of a fine golf course, polo ground, cricket and soccer fields, squash court, a professional grade horse riding ground and more.

Sustainable living is another USP. An integrated township should feature eco-friendly facilities that help residents live a green life, apart from features like rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment, solar energy, and organic farming. Hiranandani Parks has a water treatment plant with a capacity of 2.34 Million Liters Daily (MLD) and thriving organic farms where a wide range of fruits and vegetables are cultivated.

Public spaces and common facilities can promote community well-being as they provide areas for residents to have recreational activities that could bring vibrancy to the community and encourage interaction.

Another example is a green area that could serve as a herb garden or a vegetable farm. It could also help in retaining water in the soil as well as improve the overall environment. Hiranandani Parks is blessed with a rich water table and no effort has been spared to preserve it in a water-starved city. In fact, Hiranandani Parks ensures pure water supply round the clock, come rain or shine.

Fool-proof security is yet another advantage of living in a township. Given the expansiveness of the development, there are multiple checkpoints, a bigger security team, and proper CCTV surveillance systems to deter the unwelcome ones.

The need for comfort and luxury can never be under-estimated. The homes themselves have to be of good quality and be comfortable to live in while being surrounded by an elegantly landscaped environment.

Hiranandani Parks offers luxurious apartments of various sizes amidst scenic beauty and majestic architecture. That’s not all. You have the choice of selecting a ready-to-build plot for your dream villa, again in sizes to suit all budgets or opt for a villa residence.

Last but not the least, they offer incredible investment opportunities. An integrated township is usually located in the upcoming neighbourhood of the city, away from the congested localities. Hence, the cost of living and real estate prices are comparatively lower. At the same time, the development brought by the township breathes life into the economy of the upcoming neighbourhood. This makes for an incredible investment opportunity to the homebuyers, with great returns.

If you wish to become a resident of an integrated township in Chennai, then drop by Hiranandani Parks, a 400 acre fully integrated township located in the heart of Oragadam, the industrial hub of Chennai.

As people get busier and have less time or energy to engage with urban chaos, integrated townships like Hiranandani Parks will be a wise and engaging alternative.

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