A Day in the Hiranandani Parks- An Interview With a Hiranandani Parks Resident


It was about half past three in the afternoon when we started from T-Nagar, Chennai. My colleague and I were on our way to Oragadam, where the mighty Hiranandani Parks are situated, spanning over 400 acres. We had been asked to conduct an interview with the residents living there, expats and nationals included.        

We had seen the Hiranandani Parks Buildings on their official website, the solid towers with distinct domes on top and it looked a stunning sight. We couldn’t wait, however, to witness it in real-life, in all its glory!  What we did not foresee was how it would look up close.

As we got closer we saw a huge banner advertising the Hiranandani plots, which range from 600 to 2400 square feet, and behind it, we could see the huge towers of the completed portions of Hiranandani Parks. I was stunned! It was a surreal sight, to say the least. Imagine residence blocks as tall as skyscrapers. It truly was breathtaking!

As soon as we reached, we were led into a meeting room in the lush main offices of the Hiranandani Parks. We waited there for a while, with my colleague setting up the camera and I go through the interview questions that I had prepared. A few minutes passed, and a representative came to meet us to assist us in interviewing the residents there.

After that, we were taken to the main blocks of the Hiranandani Parks. We felt really minuscule with the huge Clarendon-II building towering over us. Again, I could not help but be totally stunned the way the towers looked like. As we got closer towards them, they looked even bigger in size. Was castle-like the word I was looking for?

We were led into  Mr. M. Chandran’s huge apartment first to interview him. A former Vice-President of Reliance Industries, and currently working for eAge Technologies, he has been a resident of the magnificent Hiranandani Parks for over eighteen months!

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Before the interview began, he asked me if he can talk throughout the whole interview, doing away with the usual question-answer format and he did. His command and vocation were excellent. He had absolutely nothing but nice things to say about the community as a whole. What he said he liked most was the accessibility to nearby factories and the connectivity to the Chennai airport and et cetera.

After we were done interviewing him, we headed towards the golf range. This was another stunning sight as it was very widespread. It had lush greens of grass which the representative said costed around Rs. 1500 per square feet to lay as it was of a very high quality. The golf course had a 9-hole range, and a driving range as well for people to practice with the coach.

Watching the expats play golf is as enriching an experience as playing it yourself. Most of them are already experts and the coach, Stanley, offered some inputs.

“Some of them are beginners, but many of them know their game well,,” he says.  “But I will be able to figure out the beginners form just by seeing them play their shots, and I will decide when they are ready to go to the 9-hole range.” I could feel his passion for the game just by hearing him talk. He also had great insights of the game and was genuinely interested in helping beginners and experts alike with their form.

He then proceeded to help us interview two expatriates of Korean origin. Most of them have settled here and the two people that we interviewed have been living here at least since 2016.

“I love the facilities here and I play golf regularly. In India, this is the best coach I have had the opportunity to work with!” one person says, pointing at the golf coach.

“I was in Mumbai before this, and the Hiranandani Parks here has (HParks is a brand name and singular)been terrific. I love playing golf and the coach here is the best!” another Korean says. He has been working in India for the better part of 16 months and comes to the driving range frequently to relax after a hard day’s work.

After our interview with the expats, we were shown the sports amenities that were (parallelism. Remember you’re still talking about past experiences)available there. Throughout the pathway which we had taken to be led to the place, I could not help but notice the wonderful roads that had been laid. The roads we took had a distinct feel to them and emulated those of actual townships.

What has to be commended is the effort that has gone into all this.

“Beginning construction in late 2005, it was finished by 2010, and many people had booked it by then,” the representative we were in contact with said to us. It was astonishing to say the least because the buildings looked brand new!

“Do you need to perform maintenance often I asked him?”

“Absolutely not. We haven’t since it was built!”

This was remarkable because, as I had mentioned before, the buildings all looked like they were finished being built only yesterday!

The sports amenities were another astounding sight! From football grounds to squash courts, the place had everything you could imagine! The cricket ground was expansive with net facilities. The football ground was combined with a running track for races, surrounding it. Just beside it was the volleyball court. Even though some sports grounds and facilities have not been fully built, they were all of high caliber and one could easily have imagined how it would be when fully built.

As for the apartment buildings themselves, there are twelve in total consisting of:

  • Warwick I & II
  • Chartwell I & II
  • Chatsworth I & II
  • Clarendon I & II
  • Wilton I & II and
  • Windsor I & II

There is a ring road connecting that connects all of them together.

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Another great aspect of the Hiranandani Parks is the fact that Amazon delivers. Fast, too.

“If I order something which says ‘Delivery by Tomorrow’, it gets delivered on time.”

Plus, after a lot of requests on Twitter, Ola Cabs and Uber services are now available in the area. Even though Big Basket services are not yet available, the representative believes that it will be, soon. This is because of the fact that it has been a continuously expanding locality. Many automobile manufacturers have set up factories, to go along with Apollo Tyres and MRF which are hardly far away.

The Korean and Japanese population living there also have options of having Korean and Japanese food.

“It’s excellent,” says one of them, “I also love Indian food, which I have from time to time!”

The entire place also has power backup throughout the day and a continuous supply of water.

“During the floods, both in 2015 and 2016, this was one of the places in Tamil Nadu in which water did not get logged and there was no loss in power. It came in the newspapers!” the representative said to me with pride.

After that, I proceeded to ask him about the TV and Internet options here. All major TV networks work here. For Internet, residents have the option of choosing from Hathway and Jio Net. An ACT has plans to launch there very soon.

With these facilities, and the magnificent living conditions there, who wouldn’t want to live at the Hiranandani Parks?

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