Benefits of enjoying a rental property: Why you should own a luxury apartment at Hiranandani Parks

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Owning a rental property comes with a lot of benefits. Apart from the pride of ownership, it can provide a source of passive income as well as the security of owning rental property. However, the key to success as a rental property investor is learning how to assess the value of properties, choosing the right location, understanding market conditions, and most importantly, finding great tenants. If you meet these criteria, you can be better prepared to reap the benefits of owning rental property.

This is where, Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam comes in. Now, the proud owners of luxury apartments can get an assured rental income of up to Rs. 35000 for 30 months. What’s more Hiranandani Parks scouts the tenants for you, collects the rent, and deposits it in your account. The Rental Desk at Hiranandani Parks,  Oragadam helps both our patrons and rental prospects to look for a good property as per need and requirement.

Here are a few perks to becoming a landlord by owning a spacious apartment at Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam.

Attractive income source

Perhaps the biggest benefit of owning rental property in a top location is that it’s a great income source. It is a recurring income with relatively little effort to maintain. Being an attractive industrial hotspot, Hiranandani Parks attracts a lot of rental queries. A large number of MNCs and 22 top Fortune 500 companies are located in this area. It attracts a large workforce both local and expats, mainly from South Korea and Japan, and apartments like Hiranandani Parks are sought after by them for their facilities and amenities which are similar to those available in their own countries.

Keeps the property safe

Another benefit of renting your property at Hiranandani Parks is that it can give you greater peace of mind that the home is being maintained and watched after. The wide range of security features at the township not only keeps the tenants’ family safe but also helps the owners to keep a tab on their property.

Property value appreciation

Oragadam is buzzing with activity. The location is one of the fastest-growing destinations in Chennai. Experts feel that there will be an excellent appreciation of property rates in the area. Renting out now also gives the homeowners an option to hold the property till it appreciates and sells when the time is right.

Safest investment option

During the present situation, when scenarios are uncertain, residential real estate is the safest investment option as it offers maximum stability. There lies a substantial amount of uncertainty, when it comes to stocks and derivatives. Fixed income options also are not looking very attractive due to the low interest rates. Higher returns could be expected once the economy starts recovering, which certainly makes this a perfect time for customers to invest in their dream homes.

Protects against inflation

Real Estate is not like the gold you lock away or the investments that are hampered by inflation. When prices rise, so do rentals. With well-managed properties, the value of the real estate will continue to appreciate and generate greater rental income in the future.

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