Everything you need to know about eco-friendly Hiranandani Parks homes


With the world facing climate change and global warming issues, more and more people are now supporting the creation of sustainable spaces, which are environmentally more sensitive and ecologically less harmful, and polluting. Building eco-friendly homes is a step in this direction. Also known as green homes, over the years the concept of eco-friendly or green buildings has gained popularity globally. What’s more, the pandemic has also underpinned the importance of sustainable living amidst green open spaces and healthy community living.

One of the townships pioneering eco-friendly homes in Chennai is Hiranandani Parks in Oragadam. The self-sustained 360-acre township that houses luxurious tall-rising apartments, premium villa plots and more is exquisitely designed and built using materials and technology that reduces carbon footprint and requires less energy consumption.

Here are some special features that differentiate the township from other developments

Any eco-friendly home’s key component is thermal insulation, as it not only reduces electricity consumption but also brings down carbon emissions. The apartments at Hiranandani Parks, Chennai are built using the double-wall feature. Apart from saving the inner wall from the extreme weather condition on the outside, it keeps the home cool during the summer and warm during winter. This greatly brings down power consumption and reduces carbon footprint.

The outer side of the buildings at Hiranandani Communities, Chennai is painted using a unique external paint by Renovo.  It is three times thicker than other paintings and helps in preventing seepage & leakages on the outer walls. The thicker coating also lasts longer than other paints.

Water conservation is another important component of an eco-friendly home. Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam scores high on rainwater harvesting, sewage, and water treatment process. Through a series of stormwater drains, rainwater is harvested and stored at the township. The cutting-edge water treatment plant treats the water and is supplied to the residents of the township. The state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant prevents wastewater from polluting the environment and is treated and used for other non-drinking purposes, such as watering gardens and for use in the toilets.

Smart technology is one of the newest features to be added to eco-friendly homes. Using smart technology to lessen carbon emission, is an innovative way to make the home eco-friendly. The smart street lighting system at Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam turns off the lights when there is no one in the street. It involves making use of technology more efficiently, to minimize the wastage of energy.

One of the important features of an eco-friendly home is the availability of natural light and ventilation. The 7 ft tall windows, 8 ft tall doors, and a high floor to ceiling height at Hiranandani homes result in a healthier indoor environment with plenty of natural light and ventilation. This keeps the power consumption down, saves the electricity bill, and keeps the environment clean.

Hiranandani Parks, Chennai is home to more than 10 themed gardens and 1000+ trees spread across the township. It not only acts as a natural air filter but also absorbs pollutants, prevents soil erosion, and keeps the environment clean and healthy.

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