Experience a low-carbon lifestyle at Hiranandani Parks

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Over the past few years, the world is feeling the impact of climate change in many ways. As our collective effect on the environment becomes more and more visible, people are looking at how they can make a difference.

But an individual, entity, or the government alone cannot address the issue of Climate change. Only a participatory and cross-sectoral approach can make a real change. At Hiranandani Parks, Chennai, we play a significant role in the low-carbon circular economy with some innovative features that help the residents make a positive impact by living a low-carbon lifestyle.

What is a low-carbon lifestyle?

Before we go into the details, let’s unlock some key concepts. Greenhouse gases regulate the climate. As we burn fuel for electricity, heat, and motion, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere and contributes to the greenhouse effect and warming the earth. This effect leads to climate change.

A low-carbon circular lifestyle that reduces greenhouse gases is the perfect response to climate change. This approach takes the entire life cycle of a feature into consideration. With this concept in mind, the engineers at Hiranandani Parks have designed features to minimize waste and environmental impact by ensuring techniques and methods that are reusable, recyclable, and renewable.

The main features that play a significant role in the low-carbon circular economy are:

Trendy homes that help residents to refrain from excessive air conditioning use: The apartments are constructed using innovative concepts and techniques that allow free circulation of air and keep the home cool during summer and warm during winter. The first and foremost innovation is the use of the double-wall feature. During the hot summers, the outer wall layer prevents the heat outside from entering the home and keeps the home cool without the use of air conditioning and helps reduce the carbon footprint.

Another feature that helps in keeping the home cool and reducing the use of power is the use of 8 ft high doors and 7 ft tall windows at Hiranandani Parks. Strategically placed at vantage positions, it helps in cross-air ventilation, a natural method of cooling the home. It also helps in the unhindered flow of natural daylight and keeps the home bright without lights. What’s more, the special external paint, Renovo, which is three times thicker than other paints lasts longer, keeps the home cool, and prevents leakages.

Conserve, recycle and reuse water resources: The state-of-the-art water conservation methodologies at Hiranandani Parks is unique. The series of well-connected stormwater drains at the township collects all the rainwater and stores them in a man-made storage area within the township. Using the cutting-edge water treatment plant, the water is treated and is supplied to the residents. The plant can treat 2.34 MLD (Millions of Litres Per Day) and fulfil the needs of more than 5000 households.  

The modern sewage treatment plant in the township treats the wastewater and prevents it from polluting the environment and keeps the neighbourhood clean. The treated water is used to water the garden and clean the floor. The sludge collected during the process is converted into fertilizer using the sludge drying method and is used in the gardens.These are just some of the features to help residents enjoy a low-carbon lifestyle at the 360-acre township. Visit the township www.hiranandaniparks.com to take a closer at the features designed to reduce carbon footprint and make a big difference!

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