Five balcony decor ideas for your Hiranandani apartment

Decor ideas to spice up your hiranandani apartment balcony

The soul of an apartment at all Hiranandani projects is its balcony. It’s a window to the world outside. Here you can get your Vitamin D from the sunshine, or unwind after work. Here you can hunker down for some inspired work in the cooler hours. Here’s where you can take a time-out from intimacy if you feel the need. Here’s where you can make a visible style statement to your neighbours.

So what can you do to match the decor of your balcony with your family’s unique personality?

Start by listing down the hobbies of each family member, and what you miss most in times when you cannot go out. DIY and waterproof are the keywords when you choose outdoor decor and furnishing.

We came up with five fun destination decor ideas for your balcony, particularly useful when you want to creatively engage your family:

Garden destination

Plants are the new ‘decor accessories.’ Essential and exotic herbs, orchids, microgreens, and flowering plants, moss frames, preserved nature tabletops and terrariums are inspiring people to turn into happy and nurturing plant parents. Online and physical gardening stores offer self-watering pots and designer planters that are fixed on balcony railings or hang from the ceiling to save space. The stores also offer professional advice and plant doctors who will guide you to a green life. Aerobic home composting kits which are best placed on the balcony both recycle kitchen waste as well as help make your balcony a place of organic beauty.

Holiday destination

This is when your balcony is strictly a place of leisure, with no work in sight. Think horizontal: daybeds, hammocks, and swings can transport you to Bali in your imagination. Add a water feature for the ocean effect, and look out for weather-resistant art which will enhance the resort feel. Create a wooden deck with DIY tiles, and hang upwind chimes to listen to the music of the wind. Tall plants can act like a natural wall or else, rig up some blinds for absolute privacy.

Play destination

Bring out your inner child by converting the balcony into a board game haven. If you have young children, consider converting it into a colorful play area with everything a child needs. Set up a tent or a teepee, a sandbox, or a mini hopscotch mat from foam floor tiles. Place storage bags for toys. Make the balcony a safe space by installing netting on the rails. A retractable awning to keep the sun out will keep your children happy for hours.

Bookworm destination

Lounge chairs for summer reads, a weather-proof bookshelf, and a writing chair and table for your laptop will convert your balcony into the best space for thinking and reading alone, or with your family.

Night club destination

If entertaining is your forte, treat your social bubble to safe and relaxed weekends on your balcony. Use string lights, pendant sconces, barstools, and a bar cabinet, tables to hold your glasses, a music system, and an electric barbeque to bring together all the elements which make for perfect weekend nights.

With online shopping at your fingertips, you can source all you need to create a personalized space without stepping out of your home and make your family want to stay home!

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