Healthy ageing amidst exclusive gardens for your senior family members!

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Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam, is planning unique initiatives like the spice garden and a butterfly garden that will add joy and happiness to all residents in the sports integrated township. A garden for seniors, in particular, is designed to be a refreshing attraction for elderly residents to socialize and keep them active.

As you become older, you may feel inclined to give up your beloved gardening past time as physical activity becomes more difficult. But even seniors not in the best of health do enjoy a pleasant walk inside a well-kept garden. It becomes even more energizing when the air is mixed with the aroma of exotic herbs and plants from the spice garden. And the chirping of thousands of butterflies will be music to the ears and a sight to behold.

Hanging out in a garden is an excellent form of relaxation for seniors that get them moving. Studies show that even small levels of physical activity in the elderly can extend lifespans dramatically, as well as enhance the overall quality of life. The positive benefits associated with a garden as a senior citizen aren’t just limited to living a longer and more fulfilling life. In addition to the obvious benefits of being fun, living amidst gardens and greenery pays off in a number of different ways.

Getting moving in the garden is an excellent form of physical therapy and exercise. Every movement you do while enjoying a brisk walk builds strength, flexibility, endurance, and aerobic capacity. It’s low-impact, too.

Being out in the sun amidst greenery helps your body produce more vitamin D that is absolutely vital for the bone and immune system health. Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen! It can reduce the chance that you’ll develop osteoporosis. Regular exercise can strengthen your bones and muscle system. That increased vitamin D intake you’ll get from the sun is an added perk.

Also, regular mild exercises in a green and clean environment reduce the chance of heart attack or stroke. In fact, among the 60+ age group, it was shown to reduce the danger of heart attacks or strokes by as much as 30% in a study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Another study, done at Kansas State University, also stated that gardening and being in a garden with peers can boost the self-esteem of older folks.

Let’s not forget the benefits of the mind. Getting out into nature can be a stress reliever. One study done in the Netherlands found that when compared to other forms of relaxation such as reading, being in a garden was exceptionally good at relieving stress.

Higher serotonin levels have been reported from garden-related activities, along with a decrease in depression and anxiety. The soil is filled with many different bacteria, and one of them, Mycobacterium vaccae, may act as nature’s antidepressant.

Dementia patients also benefit. Horticultural therapy helps patients to learn new skills and regain lost skills. It also helps improve memory, increases attention span, reduces frustration and anger, reaffirms a sense of responsibility, and improves social interaction

And if all that wasn’t enough, it’s rewarding. Those owning villa plots and villas have the space and pleasure of harvesting their own produce, and you get a lift out of watching the plants develop and grow.

Being aware of all the positive effects of gardening only provides further motivation for the hobby you already know and love.

Meanwhile, the butterfly garden will feature rare varieties and give an insight into their wonderful world while the aroma of the spices garden will take you even closer to nature. Butterfly gardening offers numerous opportunities for education, recreation and therapy. It is fun, fascinating and very rewarding. Plant the right plants and the butterflies will come. They will lead the seniors into a world full of the wonders of nature.

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