Hiranandani Parks: Building a life of your dreams


Imagine this. It’s a rainy January monsoon morning. You wake up to a crisp breeze and the birds chirping. You step outside and take a deep breath in, taking in the fresh air amidst 7000 trees. The warmth of the morning sunshine stirs your willpower to follow up on that new year resolution – staying healthy.

You put on your new workout outfit and walk through lush green landscapes passing a 9-hole, 55- acre golf course, the football ground and volleyball court, and the mesmerizing NBA standard basketball court. As you cross the 6.7-acre cricket field, you make a mental note to message on the group about Sunday’s match. 

After following through with your fitness regime, you sit down for a hot cup of chai. You watch your children play in open areas. With every sip, your worries start to fade away – you have a home with uninterrupted power, abundant water supply, and high-security measures. You can now spend time with your family and friends because work is just around the corner. As you have that last sip of chai, you realize you’re wealthy in the truest sense. 

The sun sets not too far off leaving you with thoughts. Happy thoughts. Hiranandani Parks has helped you build an inclusive and supportive community. You live a lifestyle you can truly cherish in this fast-paced world. Every convenience knocks at your doorstep to ensure that your comfort is always prioritized. ranandani’s integrated township is meticulously thought out to make living life an experience of a lifetime.  

The best part? A township that encompasses health, wealth, and happiness in its truest sense.

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