How to refresh your home for an open, breezy feel!

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The latest trend in home cleaning reveals what many of us yearn for – not just decluttering, but a fresh start, a clean slate. We dream of an open, airy, bright home where everyone can thrive and be their best selves. But how do we get there, when our houses are filled with stuff – not to mention the accumulated dust?

Here are three ways you can re-energize your home and yourself.

1) Take a tour of your home

Whether mentally or literally, tour your home and make note of the areas causing you the most tension or stress when you look at them. Is it the laundry pile that never seems to go away in the bedroom? The kitchen cabinet that’s so overstuffed that something falls out every time you open it?

Prioritize the ones that bother you the most. Take a good look at each problem and prepare for a radical declutter.

Maybe the laundry pile exists because your closets and dresser drawers are overfull. When was the last time you assessed your pajamas or jeans collection? As recommended by experts, take out the entire contents of the pajama drawer, hold and look at each item. Which ones do you really love to wear? You’ll be able to fit them back in your drawer more neatly when you have fewer items. For the others, if you don’t love them, it’s time to let them go. If you would love them “if only” they didn’t have a button missing, but you haven’t had the interest in replacing the button in over a year, it’s time to move on.

Same thing with your kitchen cabinet – take out all the pots and pans and examine which ones are taking up space, but you never use. For items you only use once a year, like a roasting pan big enough for a turkey, store them elsewhere.

2) Do the deep clean

Once you’ve tackled a couple of the biggest trouble spots, you’ll start to feel lighter and less stressed every time you enter that room or area of the house. You can now accomplish the cleaning and dusting under and around the problem area that you couldn’t manage before.

For each area you declutter, clean thoroughly before putting back the items you’re keeping. If it’s a drawer, wipe out the dust and grime and make sure it’s dry before replacing items. For a closet or room in the house, dust and wipe down from top to bottom, removing dirt from ceiling to floor.

3) Refresh your rooms

Typical cleaning products may leave your room looking good, but do they keep it smelling and feeling good every time you enter?

Take the time to clear, refresh and revive your space and your mind with aromatherapy, experts claim. Using essential oils from Aura Cacia refreshes the environment of your home, invigorating and energizing your spirit. The Summer Citrus Diffusion Blend, which uses 9 drops Aura Cacia’s Grapefruit Essential Oil and 9 drops of Aura Cacia’s Lemongrass Essential Oil, infuses your rooms with fresh, natural aromas. Choose an aroma to not just clean but refresh your home – and spirit.

Deep cleaning gives you the chance for renewal – and inspires a sense of new purpose. Let your home become a vital part of your re-energized attitude.

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