It’s cool & fresh round the year at Hiranandani Parks. Find out how!


Every year, during the hot summer months, a combination of tropical climate, along with pollution and global warming, can make it difficult for people to enjoy sunny days, forcing many to stay in the confines of air-conditioned spaces. However, for the residents of Hiranandani Parks Oragadam, the trendy homes built using climate-responsive design techniques and materials offer the residents a perfect respite from the hot weather.

From large and airy living rooms to substantial floor-to-ceiling height windows and effective use of cross ventilation, the fine range of facilities gives an apartment, a new meaning to living spaces. Here are some interesting features at Hiranandani Parks Apartments that help the residents beat the heat during the hot summers.

Double-walled construction: One of the most important features at Hiranandani Parks is the double-wall construction technique. It consists of two wall layers, external and internal, set up next to each other to form a thick wall cavity. During hot summer days, the insulation between the outer and inner layers prevents the heat from entering the home. It also freshens the air inside the home and keeps it cool naturally.

Exclusive exterior paint to keep the homes fresh & cool: The external surfaces of the homes at Hiranandani Parks are coated with an exclusive textured acrylic paint called Renova. It helps to prevent heat from entering the homes and keeps the interiors cool and fresh.

Designed to make effective use of cross ventilation: The 8 feet high doors and 7 ft tall windows along with a substantial floor-to-ceiling height of 3.2 meters offer the perfect atmosphere to make effective use of air circulation within the apartment. Positioned at vantage points, the large windows allow more air to travel through the homes which effectively removes heat from the homes and keeps it fresh and cool.

Spacious homes for fresh and healthy living: Unlike other 2 BHK apartments, Hiranandani apartments are built as 2.5BHKs, giving the residents large and airy living spaces. The expansive sun decks allow fresh air to enter the homes and keep the interiors fresh.

Gardens that keep the environment cool: Home to 7 themed gardens and more than 2000 trees, over 60% of the 360-acre township is made up of open green spaces. Apart from helping to keep the environment fresh and cool, the trees absorb toxic elements in the air and effectively filter the air around the township.

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