Mandir direction in home: Pooja room Vastu tips

Setting up a pooja room or mandir in your home is a sacred tradition in many Indian households. According to Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture, the direction and placement of the pooja room can significantly impact the flow of positive energy in your home. It also influences the physical space and the spiritual well-being of its inhabitants. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of mandir direction in the home and provide Vastu tips for creating a harmonious and spiritually uplifting pooja room.

Importance of Mandir Direction in Home

The direction of the pooja room is crucial as it determines the flow of energy within the house. A pooja room positioned according to Vastu principles can enhance the positive vibrations in your home, promoting peace, prosperity, and spiritual well-being. It is believed that worship conducted in a Vastu-compliant pooja room can bring blessings and positive energy to the household.

Ideal Placement of Pooja Room

Facing Direction

The pooja room should ideally face the northeast direction, as this is considered the most auspicious direction according to Vastu Shastra. The northeast corner is associated with purity and spirituality, making it an ideal location for the pooja room.

Location in the House

The pooja room should be located in a quiet and serene area of the house, away from distractions and noise, whether you reside at a luxury apartment of Hiranandani Parks or elsewhere. Avoid placing the pooja room in the bedroom or near the bathroom, as this can disrupt the flow of positive energy.

Vastu Tips for Pooja Room


  • The entrance to the pooja room should ideally be in the northeast, east, or north direction to allow the flow of positive energy.
  • Avoid placing the entrance in the south direction, as it is considered inauspicious and can disrupt the flow of energy.

Idol Placement

  • The idols or images of deities should be placed in the pooja room facing east or west, as this is believed to invite positive energy.
  • Avoid placing idols facing north or south, as it is believed to bring negative energy into the room.


  • Ensure that the pooja room is well-lit and ventilated to create a positive and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Use soft and soothing lighting, such as candles or diyas, for a spiritual ambiance.
  • Also, ensure that you regularly cleanse and purify the space to maintain a harmonious and positive environment for your spiritual practices


  • Use light and soothing colours for the walls of the pooja room, such as white, light yellow, or light blue, to enhance the positive energy in the room.
  • Avoid using dark or bold colours, as they can create a sense of heaviness and dampen the spiritual ambiance.

Avoidance of Certain Items

  • Avoid keeping broken idols or pictures in the pooja room, as they can attract negative energy..
  • Do not place the pooja room under a staircase or next to a bathroom, as this can lead to the loss of positive energy and disrupt the spiritual ambiance.

Significance of North-East Direction

  • The northeast direction is considered highly auspicious in Vastu Shastra, as it is associated with Lord Shiva. Placing the pooja room in this direction can enhance the spiritual energy of your home and bring peace and harmony to the household.

Benefits of Following Pooja Room Vastu Tips

  • Enhanced positive energy in the house, promoting peace and harmony.
  • Improved spiritual well-being and connection with the divine.
  • Blessings and protection from negative energies, creating a harmonious and prosperous environment.


Setting up a pooja room in your home according to Vastu Shastra can bring immense benefits to you and your family. By following the Vastu tips outlined in this blog, you can create a harmonious and spiritually uplifting space that attracts positive energy and blessings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I place the pooja room in any direction?

It is advisable to place the pooja room in the northeast direction for maximum benefits, as per Vastu Shastra.

Q: What should I avoid placing in the pooja room?

Avoid placing items made of leather, items related to violence, or clutter in the pooja room, as they can disrupt the flow of positive energy.

Q: Can I have a pooja room in a small apartment?

Yes, you can create a small and compact pooja room in a corner of your apartment following Vastu principles, ensuring it faces the correct direction.

Q: Can I place multiple idols in the pooja room?

Yes, you can place multiple idols in the pooja room, but ensure that they are placed facing east or west to invite positive energy.

Q: Is it necessary to perform daily rituals in the pooja room?

Performing daily rituals in the pooja room is beneficial for maintaining positive energy, but it is not mandatory.

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