Master Bathroom Design Ideas


When you have the final designs of your home narrowed down, one of the most important aspect that people tend to forget is the design of the master bathroom. This is a commonly ignored aspect and many people regret not spending much quality time getting involved when they are constructed.

Contrary to what most people think, the master bathroom has a lot of designs, and some are so amazing, that it appears to be a room rather than a bathroom!

What are Bathroom Interior Designs?

Master bathrooms are one of the most rewarding and exciting projects that you can undertake. For this year, however, there are various new trends that are going around in the design world. As times change, so should the decors in your house as well. A lot people are enthusiasts in that they keep changing their decors every single year just for the fun of it. Besides fresh and new designs, there are a lot of really fun and new stuff out there that a lot of people do not know about. These new things may even feel kind of timeless when you do end up incorporating them in your home’s decor.

Bathrooms are usually the kind of places where you can always take a risk. As it was mentioned in the beginning of this article, there are a lot of times when people simply forget how the outlook of the entire bathroom is. There are various ways that you can change the bathroom’s entire interior design and make it trendy.

Read on to find out the different ways you can change the entire look of your bathroom!

One-Material Bathrooms

This type of bathroom made its debut in the glorious 80s era, and it is starting to become as popular as it was in that era, now as it is increasing its pace in popularity pretty well. It looks better this time around as well. When this one-material type of bathrooms are done right, it really does turn into something that is meaningful and impactful. It becomes uniform and totally turns into something that is new and urban. This style of bathroom is pink in color and really does evocatively advocate a soothing sense of style and overall look. If you are not up for the pink color pastel, then you should go with lighter tones of color like white or a more muted type of tone so that you can get a more standard and classy finish.

This type of bathroom design does not have a plain wall, rather it has tiled walls, similar to the ones on the floor of your bathroom. This is truly 80s and truly modern as well.

Placing a Bathtub in the Bedroom

This is certainly not for the faint of heart and is certainly not for everyone or for every floor plan. But, if you do like this kind of setting that could potentially save you from the trips to and from the conventional types of bathroom which are also enclosed. This type of bathroom decor should be incorporated only if you have lots of space to spare, and by lots, we mean A LOT. You need just enough space to have a sink, a toilet, and a shower, and a bathtub all incorporate in one single place.

It can be cheesy if you go for this style, but then again if it is done properly it can really work well with the architecture of your house.

A lot of people have successfully adapted this style into something that looks absolutely magical with just the right type of bathtub settings. One way you could make these bathtubs appear is by placing them on top of a short pedestal, and in a separate room. If you need a bit more privacy then you should look out for something else, but if this is your type of setting, then you should readily go ahead with it.

Floating Vanities (Futilities)

Last year, all the design trends tended to focus on furniture vanities. The “vanity” is just something that looks like it was custom made piece of furniture that works perfectly with the rest of the furniture that you have in your decor.

Floating vanities are types of vanities that has a lot of parts and plumbing components hidden inside a type of skirt that is either made up of one of the three materials: stone, wood, or marble. It has always been popular in a lot of modern design, but we not see it being adapted by a lot of other styles.

A lot of conventional and standard styles of bathroom have a lot of plumbing that leads down from under the sink and simply looks highly cluttered and unorganized. With floating vanities, however, all these hindrances are eliminated and simply looks out of this world.

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