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A gated community home offers its residents luxurious amenities within enclosed settings. A New gated community home for sale in Oragadam is preferred by most families owing to features such as tighter security that records the details of people entering and leaving the community at all times and cameras installed to ensure everything is under control.

Gated community consumption in India is expected to grow 2.5 times to touch $500 billion in five years. Such numbers indicate that a gated community home is among the best property choices in a busy city like Chennai. 

But what is a gated community home? 

A gated community home is a home within a residential community like Oragadam Township with exact geographic demarcations, amenities, and security set apart by boundaries and gates that control access to the areas within the gated community. 

This guide is curated to give you multiple reasons why you must get your hands on the new gated community home for sale in Oragadam: 

The Benefit of Security

Security plays a very important role in gated community homes, and at Oragadam Township, you get the benefit of 24/7 security which is a good deterrent for accidents and thefts. Appropriate security and camera surveillance make families feel safer in their homes. This is one of the features that make gated communities have lower crime rates, which validates investing in a new gated community villa for sale in Chennai

Quiet Atmosphere

Chennai is a busy city, so there’s a lot of crowd, traffic, and noise. But there are also places of peace and serenity, like gated community homes. Owing to tight security, no one violates traffic speeding rules, so gated community neighbourhoods are quieter. Moreover, Oragadam Township villas render a unique experience within a self-sustained and integrated township not located amid the city’s hustle. The township offers the best-in-class civil and social infrastructure that every modern family needs. 


Families enjoy being a part of an exclusive neighbourhood, and this acts as one of the preferred benefits of living in a gated community. It is surreal to be living with a group of select families having exclusive luxury and amenities at their disposal.  Most people enjoy staying with people of a similar status as it helps share an understanding of the etiquette to be maintained. 

Strategic Location

Recently, Oragadam Township has emerged as one of Chennai’s most strategically located places for purchasing property. Connected with multiple IT hubs and companies, gated community homes at Oragadam Township render excellent connectivity to the airport and other prominent localities. 

This strategically planned township renders proximity to shopping centres, hospitals, schools, and multiple recreational facilities and ensures easy access to basic amenities too. 

Luxury recreational facilities

Most gated community homes in India have exclusive recreational facilities for homeowners, and so does Oragadam Township! When people purchase a new gated community home in Oragadam, they benefit from luxurious amenities like premium sporting venues such as cricket, football, and tennis facilities: shopping and entertainment arcades, a resto-bar, and 24 X 7 pharmacy. 

Sense of community

Considered one of the most important advantages, investing in gated communities provides a sense of community. Having people within an enclosed, safe, and luxurious space allows everyone to be at ease when gathering for daily or social activities.  Gated community homes entail a sense of community wherein people are helpful and friendly toward one another. This also entails privacy wherein families can enjoy their daily activities with limited interference. 

Green Environment surroundings

Oragadam Township is admired for its state-of-the-art high-rise towers, best-in-class amenities, and 40 enchanting tourist attractions amidst beautiful greenery. Wide spaces cover about 70% of the eco-friendly township with organic farms, freshwater bodies, exotic flora, and fresh air. This makes villas for sale in Chennai, especially the new gated community home in Oragadam, a profitable investment as it renders an overall healthy living. 

High Returns

Another beneficial factor that makes villas in Oragadam a profitable investment is the high resale price for those who wish to sell these gated community homes in the future. The benefits and amenities provided by the Oragadam Township remain consistent and will always be desirable to families. 

Hence, this is the perfect investment for those wanting to live in an integrated suburb and those planning to move out. 

A gated community home, especially villas in Oragadam Township, is the epitome of luxury and peace with the best-in-class social and civil infrastructure, catering to the needs of modern families. 

Accessible and well-connected to educational institutions, hospitals, IT hubs, the Chennai airport, and other prominent locations, Oragadam Township offers the gated community homes of your dreams for it comes with all the features and benefits for its residents as seen above. 


  1. What is the purpose of investing in a gated community home? 

Security and peace are the major benefits of investing in a gated community home. It is conveniently perfect for those who want to avoid the noisy hustle and bustle of traffic in a city as busy as Chennai. 

Some pros of living in a gated community home are the sense of peace, luxurious amenities, and coming home away from the regular metropolitan bustle.

  1. How is Oragadam Township unique as a gated community? 

Hiranandani Park’s Oragadam Township is among the most recognizable landmarks in Chennai. Since it is 360+ acres, a self-sustained township with integrated amenities such as sports, a 24 X 7 pharmacy, and ease of connectivity, it has become a sought-after residential neighborhood. 

The Oragadam Township’s unique environment makes it unique for families that prefer comfort and luxury without compromising safety and security.

  1. Is a new gated community home in Chennai worth buying? 

A gated community home is one of the best property investments as it offers safety and security, luxury, accessible amenities, and connectivity to the best industrial hubs and locations. 
Premium villas in Chennai within a gated community are a match made in heaven, and you must invest without thinking twice!

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