Our Chairman on NEP


The motive of education is not just learning, one seeks education to apply the learnings in real life. With the introduction of new education policy at a national scale after 34 years, the sector is expected to witness reforms with a vision to be globally accessible. 

The initial aspects laid during the proposal caught interest from the brightest of minds. Some of the elements that star-struck most eyeballs were’ ‘Flexibility in opting the desired Majors and Minors’, ‘Multiple entry and exit points from any course’, ‘Accumulated credit scoring system and certification during the breaks taken amid the course’ form the many transformations proposed. 

Battle of this or that: Students always face the dilemma of choosing their core subject and fear of losing the opportunity to explore their interests. This crossroad will not be seen in the coming days provided National Education Policy implements the flexibility in opting the desired major subjects with presently considered contradicting minor subject, with a progressive perception, our institutes already allow students to pick up the subject of interest for majors as well as minors. The reason being, a combination of such poles apart subjects leads to disruption from innovative minds. With Al and tech being the backbone, ambitions can soar the skyline and unforeseen evolutions can take place. 

Freedom to set foot at any point of time: In order to welcome and be supportive of the prospective novelty of ideas and to convert them into reality. the institutions will have to support students with multiple entry and at points that mutually suit the structure of the courses. This will help the students to switch and get hands-on experience of a varied offering. Not just that, one will also get a practical realization of where the interest lies in and how to take it forward. College placement cells will play a huge role in this feature for students and the merit of the institution as the students will be foregoing representatives. Considering the claims of difference in reality than classroom walls, this newly achieved freedom will be a signal of `Get, Set, Go’ for all the enthusiasts who wish to reform and uplift their personalities for a better tomorrow of the nation and themselves. 

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