Pros & Cons: High Rise vs Low Rise Apartments


Oragadam has become one of the most sought-after places to buy a house while looking for the ideal flat for sale in real estate in Chennai. Oragadam township, which has a thriving real estate market, provides a variety of choices, including luxurious flats in the upscale Hiranandani Park development. 

Hiranandani Park offers options like 3 BHK flats for sale in Chennai that present a compelling fusion of contemporary living, practicality, and elegance. 

Selecting between a high-rise and low-rise apartment is an important decision. Analyzing the pros and cons of each can help you in making an informed decision. Both high-rise and low-rise apartments have their own set of benefits to consider, and it depends on your individual preferences which one would best suit your requirement.

High Rise Apartments

Apartment complexes that are classified as high-rises often have a tall structure that is more than six floors high. These enormous buildings are built to hold a lot of residential units with best-in-class amenities and provide vertical living space. 

High-rise apartments in Oragadam township are renowned for their heights since they tower above the cityscape and offer tenants breathtaking views.


  1. Mesmerizing views

If you are looking for a serene view that provides relaxation at the end of a tiring day, high-rise apartments will offer you that. These apartments, which can rise above the city’s skyline, offer panoramic views of the surrounding areas. They allow tenants to take in the beautiful scenery and urban sights.

  1. Improved Security

In most cases, high-rise apartments offer strong security measures. These include round-the-clock surveillance, gated entry, and security guards. Residents feel secure and at ease as a result, making it a desirable feature for individuals who are concerned about security.

  1. Better Amenities

High-rise apartments in Oragadam properties can house more facilities inside a single complex due to their vertical design. High-rise apartment dwellers can take advantage of various shared amenities, promoting a sense of community. These can range from fitness centres and swimming pools to rooftop gardens and designated play areas and a lot more.


  1. Elevator Dependency

Using lifts for traversing through different floors is a need for people who live in high-rise apartments. At times, this can lead to additional wait time. It is even more during busy hours of the day. Inconveniently, power shortages may also momentarily interfere with lift operations as well.

  1. Noise and Congestion

Noise pollution from neighbouring apartments, nearby roads, or construction sites may be more noticeable on higher floors of a high-rise property. A high-rise building’s massive resident population can also cause crowded common rooms and elevators during rush hour.

  1. Higher Prices

High-rise apartments are typically costlier in comparison to low-rise flats. They come with higher rent or purchase prices, reflecting the premium associated with the location preference and diverse amenities.

Low Rise Apartments

Low-rise apartments for sale in Chennai are residential structures with up to six levels that are distinguished by their relatively small height. These structures are intended to offer a  personal and communal way of life. They also offer outdoor spaces, balconies, and a certain set of amenities. Low-rise luxury apartments in Oragadam offer a sense of belonging similar to the one that is offered for high-rise residents.


  1. Calm Environment

Low-rise flats are frequently found outside of the busy city centre, in more tranquil neighbourhoods. This offers a serene living atmosphere, making it a great option for people seeking peace.

  1. Lower Maintenance cost

Low-rise apartments typically offer a reduced maintenance cost. This is because of the overall smaller building size and limited amenities to manage. It results in cost savings for the residents. 

  1. Less Congestion

Given that there are fewer units, low-rise apartment buildings typically experience less crowding and congestion. Residents have more privacy since a limited set of amenities are used by a restricted set of people. 


  1. Limited Views

Low-rise apartments may not give the expansive views that high-rise structures do due to their shorter height. If taking in expansive views is your top priority, a low-rise apartment might not be ideal.

  1. Fewer Security Features

Low-rise apartments may have less security equipment than high-rise residences. Residents may need to consider extra security arrangements even when they already have some basic security measures to protect themselves. For example, low-rise apartments may not provide high-end security vigilance cameras across the entire property.

  1. Inadequate activities

Since low-rise apartments house fewer people and have lower maintenance costs, it may be difficult to fit a variety of activities into the complex. While some low-rise apartments do include common amenities, their scope and number may be quite constrained.


1. Are Hiranandani Park apartments high-rise or low-rise?

At Hiranandani Park, you can find both high-rise and low-rise apartments. The choice depends on your preferences and requirements.

2. Do high-rise apartments offer better resale value than low-rise apartments?

An apartment’s resale value is dependent on multiple factors. These include factors like location, amenities and market demand. While high-rise apartments may offer stunning views, it’s important to consider other factors that contribute to the resale value of Oragadam properties.

3. Are there any specific rules or regulations for high-rise or low-rise apartments at Hiranandani Park?

Hiranandani Park follows all local authorities rules and regulations regarding construction, safety, and zoning. It’s always advisable to check with the developer or the management association for any specific guidelines applicable to high-rise or low-rise apartments.

Hiranandani Park offers high-rise and low-rise apartment options, so it’s important to carefully assess your priorities, interests, and way of life before making a decision. Although high-rise apartments come with possible noise problems and stunning vistas, they also come with improved security and greater amenities. 

In contrast, low-rise apartments offer a tranquil setting, plenty of outdoor space, and a tight-knit community, but they might not have vast vistas or many shared amenities. To choose the ideal flat that fits with your idea of a dream house in the thriving  Oragadam real estate investment, consider your necessities as well as the pros and disadvantages.

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