Tierra plots at Hiranandani Parks: The right asset to create your dream home


Owning a home that meets all the needs of the family members is everybody’s dream. A residential plot is a major advantage in making your dreams come true. You can design your dream house and build it according to your taste and style. But building a home on a plot is not an easy task, one has to run from pillar to post to seek approvals from local bodies for all the infra facilities. You don’t have to worry about these issues if you own ready-to-build infra-ready premium ‘Tierra’ plots from Hiranandani Parks at Oragadam.

Unlike other plotted communities, the Tierra plots come with the finest range of modern civic infrastructure that includes:

Beautifully paved roads: All the roads and pathways leading to the plots are paved with thick BT material. Designed to stand heat and rain, the main roads also have walkways with landscaped mounds on either side of the roads.

Street lights: All the main roads and streets have bright-lit street lights. Energy-efficient LED lights are installed using elegantly designed poles.

Easy power connection: Getting an electricity connection for a home is very easy at Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam. Each and every plot within the township has provisions for cables from FP/ Transformer.

Water supply line: All the plots have access to clean water. Provisions are inbuilt with a direct line to supply water. Made from high-quality uPVC materials, the lines have inspection chambers, which help to maintain, inspect and repair the lines if needed.

Modern sewage connection: The plots are connected with an excellent network of sewage connections. The well-designed uPVC with conical chambers are designed to carry maximum sewage. What’s more, the cutting-edge sewage treatment plant at Hiranandani Parks treats the sewage and keeps the neighbhourhood clean and safe.

Stormwater drain: All the main roads and streets that lead to the plots, within the township are connected by a series of stormwater drains. Built using RCCs & culverts, the stormwater drain prevents rainwater from stagnating on the streets and roads during the rainy season. It also helps rainwater to be harvested and replenish the groundwater table in the township.

Telecommunication connection: With working from home and online schooling becoming the norm, round the clock and reliable internet has become a necessity. The exclusive provisions for fiber optic cables from telecom services at Hiranandani Parks help the residents to connect and enjoy hassle-free internet connections.

Designed to suit your needs: From 600 sqft to 6000 sqft, the plots are available in different sizes to suit your needs and budget.

Ready to register: Approved by DTCP and certified by RERA, all the documents are vetted and ready, so that the buyers need not wait to register the plots.

Apart from this list of infrastructure facilities and advantages, the residents have access to more than 40+sporting amenities that include an exclusive Equestrian facility and a scenic golf course. The list also includes 12 themed gardens including a Nakshatra garden with trees of spiritual importance, a serene temple, school, multi-specialty hospital, retail avenues, and more.

Check out www.hiranandaniparks.com to find out more and request a site visit to explore the plots that redefine the luxury lifestyle.

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