What is DTCP Approved Layout and How to Check Approval for your Land?

What is DTCP ?

When you invest in a real estate property, you expect it to give you hefty returns. Apart from just the location, property size, and amenities incorporated, you have got to check all the property documents carefully for a fair and transparent deal. Also, you need to check the DTCP approval for the land. Whether you buy a villa plot or a residential plot in Oragadam Chennai, checking for DTCP approval is an absolute must. No builder or landowner can start the construction work without getting permission from DTCP.

DTCP approval is mandatory before starting construction work on your land, no matter where it is. Here, DTCP stands for the Department of Town and Country Planning, a local body of the state government. The landlord must take its permission to carry out the construction work.

What is DTCP?

DTCP refers to the Department/Directorate of Town and Country Planning. The agency is responsible for planned construction and development. It regulates planning urban development and stops illegal or unauthorised construction in its respective state. Moreover, the department formulates policies and advises other local bodies and agencies responsible for residential and commercial real estate development and urban planning.

Since each state in India has its own DTCP agency, developers and builders need approval from the concerned DTCP to start construction work. This government body functions under the Housing & Urban Development (H&UD) of the Secretariat, intending to provide efficient development plans focused on adequate facilities that offer a comfortable living environment for the society.

To achieve this, the department integrates physical, economic, and social planning for diverse conditions, such as physiography, the pattern of urbanization, traditional practices, socio-economic equality, etc. It is also responsible for socio-economic development of the state. The agency triggers 360-degree development while implementing its urban and rural development plans, keeping in mind environmentally and ecologically sensitive areas in the state. Let us now understand what a DTCP-approved layout is.

About DTCP approved layout?

The DTCP-approved layout means approvals from the DTCP concerned to carry out planned construction on your land, complying with the building laws and other regulations. These layouts are created under the DTCP guidelines. Some parameters include structure spacing, proximity to essential services, the minimum size of the plot, etc.

It is worth noting here that a DTCP approved layout gives full title to the plot. When considering buying a villa plot for sale or any other property, it is advisable to check the DTCP approval. That is because unapproved layouts may not have valid titles and lead to risks.

Why should you check for DTCP approval?

When the property has no DTCP permission, no individual can claim a legal right to it. In such an event, buyers might face legal prosecution under several circumstances. On the other hand, DTCP approved plots in Oragadam Chennai or elsewhere in the country are safe investment options as they possess complete documents that prove them legally.

While approving a plot or property, DTCP issues a unique number for each real estate project, giving the property owner the right to start construction on the land. Also, note that no bank approves a home loan on a property without necessary documents, including DTCP approval. Buyers planning to invest in a villa plot in Oragadamor any other region of the country should be aware of this.

How to know if the plot you buy is DTCP approved?

If you want to know about the DTCP approval of the villa plot, apartment, or other residential properties you are planning to buy, you may ask the developer if the property is DTCP approved. You should also ask him for copies of the approval. While checking the copies, do not forget the year mentioned in the document.

Another way to check the approval is to visit the official DTCP site of the state government. For more details, you may head to the local DTCP office. For instance, if you are looking for a residential villa plot in Oragadam Chennai, you should visit the website or the regional office for DTCP approval to determine whether the plot is legally constructed/defined and complies with the regulations and guidelines set by the government agency.

Regional DTCP offices maintain records for the last ten years. You can obtain the details of the approval from these offices. Records move to the record room after ten years, and you can get them by filling out an RTI.

To conclude

These pieces of information might help you check DTCP approval when you buy villa plots in Oragadamor other parts of Tamil Nadu, except Chennai Metropolitan Development Area (CMDA).

If you have a DTCP-approved plot in Chennai Oragadamin mind shortly, the city offers countless villa plots for sale. Including villa plot in Oragadam.

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