A perfect township for student living

Woman with her child

“It takes a village to raise a child”.

This cliché comes to mind when we make plans to buy a home for our family. If we have a choice, we look for a healthy, wealthy, happy community to live in. We ask: What do our children want? What do we as parents want? Cleanliness, safety, sports facilities, convenience, great schools nearby – and a future-perfect community which will help our family develop social, emotional, and interpersonal skills as well as meet long-term educational goals.

For instance, you may be busy working parents who want the school bus to meet your child at a safe spot where your child’s classmates wait too. Or you know you will belate from work sometimes, and so you look for a neighbourhood where your child can hang out productively until you get home. It could be that you want for your child to have access to a playdate environment where people look out for each other.

Aesthetics play an essential part of learning. They bring calm and centeredness. Research has shown that layout, colours, and imagery can bring positive emotions to learners, helping them to discover new ways of activity and intelligence. Our constructed environment inculcates self-respect and teaches mutual respect. Its architecture endows meaning and symbolism on the people it houses. All these, apart from the convenience of having good educational institutions nearby, are what we look for to enable holistic student development.

Here’s where Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam, comes in. The neo-classical architecture of this integrated township reflects permanence and tradition which have been creatively improved by making them relevant to contemporary times. At play is an anaesthetic that is compatible with conservation and greening of the environment, with an 80% green cover. The design takes into account the maximisation of air circulation and oxygen levels. Importantly, the landscape encompasses spaces that enable interaction with friends. Studying in this environment with similar-minded peers brings out the best in students.

Hiranandani Groups runs an award-winning CBSE school, Thriveni Academy Senior Secondary School, with 1250+ students enrolled until Grade 12 inside the township. The Thriveni Academy Foundation and Development Centre also runs the Colosseum, with facilities for cricket, football, tennis, volleyball, basketball, equestrian, squash, swimming, golf, and table tennis. The Velammal Vidhyashram is situated in Oragadam. The Asan Memorial College of Engineering and Technology is located on the Oragadam Main Road.

Living in Hiranandani Parks, there are real opportunities for students to build on the advantage of being ina state which is known for its quality of education, with a literacy rate above the national average. Tamil Nadu is particularly known for the high quality and accessibility of professional education. As a student, living here is a dream come true – “a melting pot where beliefs, hopes, aspirations, and dreams are fulfilled.”

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