A war we must win!


As we enter lock-down 3.0, residents in a green zone can enjoy several relaxations and lifting of many restrictions for a more active and positive lifestyle. Not surprisingly, Chennai’s celebrated sports integrated township spread across 400+acres falls in a green zone, without a single COVID-19 positive patient or where no case of Coronavirus has been reported in the last 21 days! Can one think of a safer place to reside during a pandemic? 

Hiranandani Parks is located in a sought-after serene neighbourhood, away from traffic, pollution, crowded markets, and noisy public transport hubs despite being in the heart of Oragadam. The industrial corridor of Chennai is home to well-known Fortune500 giants, IT parks, automobile hubs apart from popular entertainment spots and dining options. 

Your health and safety always come first at Hiranandani Parks. Sensing the seriousness of the emerging public health crisis, the township implemented strict precautionary measures in the second week of March 2020. 

To begin with, the township collected details of all residents, Indians as well as expats, with a travel history dating from December 2019 and shared them with public health officials and relevant government agencies. Those with a history of travel to countries hit by the virus were instructed to self-quarantine even before the term became part of everyday language. 

The swimming pools were emptied out, thoroughly disinfected, and closed down. The 12+ sports facilities including golf, hi-tech gym, and other leisure spots too were shut down and disinfected even before the formal orders reached the management. 

The public health & sanitation protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have since become more stringent and are monitored and calibrated as required by a high-powered team reporting to the township management. 

Door-to-door disinfection and cleaning activities are meticulously carried out across the township on a daily basis by dedicated COVID-19 workers under the supervision of trained staff. Government-approved disinfectants are being sprayed in all corners of the parks and gardens as well to keep the township safe round the clock without causing environmental damage. Garbage collection is also undertaken with the same utmost care by workers trained in basic hygiene protocols and wearing reusable gloves, masks and while following physical distancing. 

Keeping water supplies safe and available round the clock too gets top priority, starting with protecting the source water; treating water at the point of distribution and collection or consumption. Safely managed water, sanitation, and hygiene services are an essential part of our efforts to prevent the pandemic.   

The checks and scrutiny start at the entrance to the township with all visitors and residents entering and leaving subjected to thermal screening by health workers in government-approved gear. Visitors and residents are strongly urged to wear masks and gloves at all times while inside the township. 

Hiranandani Parks has its own multi-specialty hospital headed by specialists, in-patient facilities, life-saving support systems, and efficient nurses. A fully equipped ambulance is available round the clock in case of any emergency, even those not related to the pandemic. 

Significantly, residents need not step out and mix with strangers while shopping as the township has its own retail outlet that follows stringent COVID-19 prevention protocols and is monitored daily by the control team. To further boost convenience and sense of safety, arrangements have also been made for door delivery of groceries by personnel in proper gear.  

 The cooperation and enthusiastic support of a vibrant community of 700+ families sure helps. They have taken physical distancing seriously and followed all COVID-19 prevention protocols announced by government agencies and Hiranandani Parks management. 

Well, they get to enjoy about 40 attractions, including theme parks, walkways, Nakshtra gardens, the magical glow of the sunset from the comfort of their luxurious homes in a majestic high rise. And the spiritually inclined can wake up to the serene sound of temple bells and chants from the Agatheeswarar temple.  

Keeping your distance becomes easier in a township amidst greenery, organic farms and 80% wide open spaces during a public health crisis. 

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