Battling COVID-19: Get Involved and stay strong

Aarogya setu

None of us has ever seen anything like the COVID-19 pandemic. Living in an unprecedented situation, with TV channels bringing news of death and suffering, it’s easy to get dragged into a quicksand of fear and depression. However, with adequate precautions spelt out by WHO and government agencies, we can keep our families safe. Stay strong, read books with inspiring messages and maintain a positive frame of mind. All these build immunity too. 

COVID 19 spreads in two major ways, through contact with a person infected or through objects that they have used or touched. The infection could be through droplets when the person coughs and sneezes but sometimes a person could also be asymptomatic yet spread the coronavirus. 

To prevent person-to-person spread, social distancing, a distance of about 6 feet from another person is mandatory. The best way to reduce exposure to the virus is by staying safe at home. Step out only for essentials wearing a mask and gloves. Since Hiranandani Parks has its own retail outlet that follows stringent COVID-19 prevention protocols, you can feel safe.    

Maintain social distancing at shops. When you come home, discard footwear and clothes used when outside, sanitize or wash your hands, face and feet thoroughly with soap and water or better still take a shower. Soak the clothes worn while outside in soap water and wash separately. Wash the bag you carried, if you have bought vegetables, soak them in saltwater for five minutes, dry and store. For other groceries, wipe down the covers of the packages with sanitizer or soap and water.  

At Hiranandani Parks, social distancing can be done with ease as the township is set amidst greenery, organic farms and 80% wide open spaces. 

The other way it spreads is through surfaces that a person with the virus has touched. When a healthy person comes in contact with them and touches his/her mouth, eyes or nose, the chances of contracting the virus are likely.  

Hygiene, therefore is one of the keys to preventing COVID 19. Keep your house clean; you can use household cleaning materials for this. Regularly clean exposed surfaces and those that you tend to touch such as tabletops, sofa handles, doorknobs and refrigerator handles. Use sanitizer to clean smartphones, computers, and tablets.  

Hiranandani Parks has made door-to-door disinfection and cleaning activities, a daily part of the routine. Eco-friendly disinfectants are sprayed across parks and gardens, so you don’t have to miss out on your quota of daily exercise or walk. 

Get plenty of fresh air and sunlight. At Hiranandani, Parks, your balconies are a great way to enjoy nature and bask in its beauty as well. Grow some plants too and they will help as well. 

 Make immunity-boosting foods a part of your lifestyle. Vitamin C rich foods could increase your immunity, these include citrus fruits, gooseberries, broccoli, grapes, green peppers, and red peppers. Garlic, ginger, turmeric, spinach, berries, yogurt, almonds, and green tea are everyday foods that boost immunity. Poultry and shellfish such as crabs, mussels, and lobsters are good too.  

Hiranandani Parks is proud of its own multi-specialty hospital with in-patient facilities and life-saving support systems. A fully equipped ambulance is available round the clock in case of any emergency.  

Download the Government’s Aarogya Setu mobile app, a brilliant initiative by the Union Government that helps you fight the battle against the disease better.  

  • Attending office or going out? Download the app 
  • Uses Bluetooth and GPS to alert you about COVID positive patients in the area that you are in. 
  • Take a free COVID-19 risk self-assessment test on the app 
  • Get information on how you can protect yourself from the disease 
  • Scan the latest COVID-19 updates. 

Stay smart, stay safe and follow all COVID-19 safety protocols. 

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