Amenities to perk up your mental well-being at Hiranandani Parks

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As the pandemic recedes, everyone’s schedules are getting hectic. There are a million things on one’s to-do list, and everyone’s juggling multiple demands. No matter one’s age, everyone relies on their mental health every day and needs its power to keep them focused, sharp, and attentive as one faces the challenges, that get thrown at them.

That’s why at Hiranandani Parks, its fine range of amenities is designed to help the minds of the residents to stay sharp as they multitask and get back into the groove.

Here are ways the amenities support their mental health:

1. Helps to de-stress for better thinking

Finding effective ways to clear mental clutter so one can focus better on important tasks is very important for a healthy mental state. At Hiranandani Parks, the wide range of amenities helps to find and choose an activity and then add those schedules to their wellness routine. Whether the residents prefer yoga at the state-of-the-art yoga studio that helps the residents to practice the asanas in a quiet atmosphere, walking at the neatly paved walkways lined with trees, open meditation areas or another method to relax. They will soon discover that they are better able to concentrate and get things done when they need to. The 12 sporting amenities that include the 9-hole golf course and more help the residents to explore some of these techniques to find what works best for them, then schedule regular daily sessions for whatever activity best clears their head – even just for 15 minutes.

2. Move your body

Regular exercise can also help one’s brain to function better. Physical activity helps to breathe more deeply, getting more oxygen to the brain, and also reduces stress. Many creative people, innovators, and problem solvers relate that they often come up with their best ideas while on the move – such as walking, running, or cycling. The long list of amenities that help the residents to move their bodies includes walking and jogging tracks, a 9-hole 55-acre golf course, a cricket ground, a football arena, tennis courts, a volleyball area, basketball courts, squash courts, table tennis, indoor games, and more. With these facilities in hand, the residents’ whole family will start thinking more clearly, focusing on what needs to get done and mastering the art of multitasking.

3. Prioritize quality sleep

When one is low on sleep, their mind feels fuzzy and it’s hard to get things done. Unfortunately, the back-to-work season can make this worse, as everyone in the family adjusts to new schedules after a laid-back pandemic time. Trying to get into a schedule as soon as one can is very important and make sure to keep the schedule consistent, even on weekends or short breaks.

Most adults need at least 7 hours of sleep per night. At Hiranandani Parks, the rooms are designed to cut off noise and help peaceful sleep. Unlike others, Hiranandani Parks is constructed using the double wall technique. It consists of two walls separated by space for insulation. During summer, the outer walls prevent heat from entering your living space and keeping it cool. Similarly, during the winter season, the outer layer prevents cool weather from entering the living area and keeps the home warm.

4. Enjoying quality time with nature

Spending quality time with nature comes with plenty of health benefits. Research indicates that it is very beneficial to mental health as well as improvements in mood and emotional well-being. The themed gardens spread across the 360-acre township helps the residents to get the most out of their time in nature. Apart from increasing the feelings of calmness, it helps to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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