Benefits of Purchasing Premium Residential Plots


A premium residential plot is a piece of land in a premier or main location that is usually provided with a variety of conveniences and infrastructure. These plots are often located in upscale neighborhoods or spots that are in great demand due to their proximity to schools, shopping centers, hospitals, and other essential services.

The DTCP approves plots in Chennai Oragadam are a fitting and good example of a premium residential plot given Oragadam’s strategic location, civic infrastructure and a host of conveniences available in the suburb.

Buying a premium residential plot is a popular investment option for those looking to build their dream home or acquire proprietorship of a high-value real estate property. 

Villa plots offer a green field piece of land for an owner to imagine, design and build a home that caters to their needs while developing the plot to fulfill their desires and wishes. 

Additionally, the high demand for these plots often leads to high appreciation value. Whenever there are villa plots for sale – there is a tremendous amount of interest in it from potential buyers. This instantly makes villa plots a sound investment choice for those looking to build long-term wealth.

Investing in premium residential plots is a wise financial decision that comes with a host of benefits. This is especially true for residential plots in Oragadam Chennai owing to the demand for housing in the township. 

The purchase of a premium residential plot come with numerous advantages.

1. High growth value

Premium residential plots are situated in key locations that are often in great demand. Consequently, investing in such a plot is an assurance of there being a soaring commercial value in such an acquisition. As time goes by, the value of the land only increases, leading to a substantial return on investment.

Residential plots in Chennai have seen a CAGR of 18%  growth just between 2018 and 2021 per an Economic Times report.

2. Total ownership of all aspects

Owning a premium residential plot empowers the owner with 100% control, rights and the ability to use their land in any which way they desire to. From design to maintenance, the owner can decide what kind of home to build, what materials to use, and how to maintain the property. 

Additionally, owning a residential plot offers flexibility in terms of timing. The owner can choose when to build their home and at what pace to construct it. This makes villa plots even more attractive to buyers. 

In places like Oragadam, news like villa plots for sale is much awaited by prospective buyers as they can invest in owning a plot when they can afford it and then develop it at a later time when they are comfortable.

3. Autonomy and Solitude

When purchasing a premium residential plot, a buyer gets the freedom to construct their home in a way that fits their way of life. Furthermore, having a residential plot offers additional privacy, space and seclusion than living in a high-rise apartment building, a gated community or a housing complex. 

DTCP plots in Chennai Oragadam are offered by reputed and established real estate developers like Hiranandani Group who offer plot layouts that offer ample space, privacy and an opportunity to build a house that becomes a “home”. 

The planning scheme of premium residential plots is more often than not charted keeping in mind the aspirations of the owner and to be away from prying neighbors while being part of a like-minded community of owners. 

4. Return on Investment

On top of the high appreciation value, premium residential plots also have high resale value. Since these plots are often located in prime locations, they attract high-end buyers who are willing to pay a little more than the market price for villa plots

Consequently, after a few years, the villa plots for sale command a superior asking price than a flat in an apartment community. The selling price of plots which are fully approved by government and regulatory bodies like DTCP approved plots in Chennai Oragadam could get an even better price as their documentation and title deeds are all in the clear and come with no hassles.

5. Tax Benefits

Owning a premium residential plot also comes with a number of tax benefits. Property taxes, mortgage interest and other expenses associated with the purchase and maintenance of the property can be deducted from one’s taxable income. 

Moreover, while the sale of a property can result in long-term capital gains, these are taxed at a lower rate than ordinary income. This is yet another reason for investing in villa plots for sale.

6. Quality of Life

Most residential plots in Oragadam Chennai could be a path to a better quality of life simply because of the locality they are in. 

These premium residential plots are in the midst of prime localities which are well served by civic infrastructure, a very short distance from schools and colleges, super markets and medical facilities.

Villa plots in Oragadam are well connected to other parts of the suburb and to the rest of the city making them an apt choice as a housing solution.

7. Ownership and Heritage

Investing in a premium residential plot is a nuanced way to establish ownership and create a nuanced, thoughtful and cherished heritage for one’s future generations. 

Not only does the commercial value of a premium residential plot keep increasing steadily, it also is a safe way of creating an immovable asset for the family. The plot can be passed down to future generations, ensuring that the family always has a place to call their own.

8. Long Term Wealth Generator

Given the current demand for housing and premium residential plots in urban areas, and even more so in plots in bustling townships, owning a residential plot is an assured way to generate long term wealth. In just a decade or two, the asking price of heritage properties, particularly of those which have clear title and paperwork, could be several times their original price.

In conclusion, townships like Oragadam which have become popular over the last decade and are on a higher growth trajectory, would be a good place to invest in premium residential plots.

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