Why is Oragadam the Upcoming Real Estate Investment Destination?


Oragadam, home to over 22 fortune 500 companies, is arguably one of the most prominent destinations for real estate investment. It is the most developed industrial belt where property investments get their true worth. Excellent rail and road networks provide seamless connectivity, making the belt an ideal destination to live in with ease of commutation. While round-the-clock transportation is one factor to have turned Orgdam’s fortunes, the presence of renowned hospitals and healthcare centres makes it an even better locality. Not just that, many educational institutions across the region contribute to ease of living. If all this falls insufficient to make Oragadam real estate investment a go-to choice, here is more to its credit. Read on to explore.

The expansion of public conveniences

The 360-degree development ensures that dwellers stay close to everything they need to lead a blessed life. The rise of Oragadam as a new residential hub owes to the rapid expansion of public conveniences like hospitals, banks, schools, railway stations, shopping & dining options, and much more. All this comes together to add value to Oragadam properties and the quality of living here. The contribution of real estate developers in turning the face of Oragadam has been no less.

Thanks to their sincere efforts, buyers may now choose from countless luxury apartments in Oragadam. These modern homes incorporate world-class amenities that ensure the residents live their life with class and comfort to their delight. Moreover, the lush green surroundings dotted with trees foster healthy living. And what it will cost to experience such a cherished living is investing in Oragadam properties.

The aura of Hiranandani Parks

The aura of constructions like Hiranandani Parks, a one-of-its-kind township built in Oragadam attracts sophisticated families to experience a blessed life with all the luxury and comfort at the doorstep. It is a city within the city that hosts every amenity needed to enjoy life to its fullest. Such a luxury apartment in Oragadam adds to the social status of families.

If a 2BHK or 3BHK apartment in Chennai fits your accommodation needs, your quest for quality living will end at Hiranandani Parks, a township that sets new standards for modern-day living. The development of such a township has changed the face of Oragadam, making it an ideal destination for real estate investment. This Oragadam Township incorporates several amenities, such as supermarkets, restaurants, bars, walking tracks, a kids’ playing area, a swimming pool, a gymnasium, health care facilities, and educational institutions to cater to the varied requirements of its diverse population. For those planning to invest in real estate in Chennai shortly, Oragadam is an ideal destination.

Industrial growth in Oragadam

Oragadam has witnessed tremendous industrial growth over the past few years. The largest and most developed industrial belt in Chennai, the suburb has gained the reputation of being the biggest automobile hub in South Asia with the presence of automobile giants like Renault-Nissan, Royal Enfield, and Ford.

Several manufacturing giants, including Motorola, Dell, Samsung, Apollo Tyres, TVS Electronics, and Yamaha, have also set up their units, contributing to the growth of the belt. As for residential development, there are green chutes of growth. The region is home to countless residential projects that house a diverse population. All this makes Oragadam real estate investment a prudent choice. Professionals with offices in this industrial hub can find no better location for a property purchase in Chennai.

Seamless connectivity

Connectivity is one of the prime factors to consider before investing in real estate. Oragadam promises a well-planned township to facilitate seamless commutation by public and private transport facilities to and from the city, credit to the 360-degree development of road and rail networks.

Centrally located between Grand Southern Trunk Road (NH 45) and NH 4, the locality is 55 km (34 mi) southwest from the city centre. Oragadam, which once had an image of a far-flung suburb, is now a well-connected business corridor. Rapid urbanisation has turned the fortunes of the suburb. The region keeps residents connected to major roads, bus stops, and railway stations. This turnaround has had a fair share in the growth of real estate in Chennai.

Vibrant neighbourhood

Oragadam has had success stories that entice sophisticated families to have a home here. Along the journey from being a far-flung suburb to becoming a crowded region, Oragadam has witnessed a tremendous population increase.

The vibrant neighbourhood ensures social security within the region. That, coupled with world-class infrastructure, which has continued to develop, fosters high living. With this much to its credit, Oragadam happens to be the upcoming destination for property purchase in Chennai. A luxury apartment in Oragadam gives you the joy of being a part of such a civilized society. Life here is rewarding.

In conclusion

With the factors above making Oragadam one of the choicest localities for a property purchase, the region has immense potential to give home buyers a higher rate of returns. It is where life gets meaning fostered by seamless connectivity, vibrant neighbourhood, and expansion of public conveniences. Hence, Oragadam is the upcoming real estate investment destination.

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