Celebrating nature and good health


“If conservation of natural resources goes wrong, nothing else will go right.” – M.S. Swaminathan, the father of India’s green revolution.

The rise of technology and industry may have distanced us superficially from nature, but it has not changed our reliance on the natural world. Most of what we use and consume on a daily basis remains the product of interactions within nature. And ensuring a healthy and sustainable environment is the need of the hour.

On 28 July, every year, we celebrate World Nature Conservation Day to increase awareness about the natural resources we are gifted with. The day also stresses the importance of ensuring their long-term protection for future generations.

Today, the world is facing natural disasters in the form of droughts, storms, floods, and tsunamis due to climate change. Nature is becoming unable to provide sufficient quantity and quality of the daily life elements like water, food, and clean air. Nature-friendly ecosystems are part of the solution.

A key part of the solution is to create homes that fit the surroundings. From the orientation to the cladding, roof-type to the general colour scheme, every aspect has to be carefully thought out. But creating houses that complement their environment doesn’t have to mean there’s no room for playfulness. This is where green townships like Hiranandani Parks fit in.

Nestled within a lush landscape at Oragadam in Chennai, Hiranandani Parks is a nature lovers’ delight.  

From plenty of open spaces and interesting gardens to essentials like a hospital, school, retail stores, and luxury amenities like a well-designed clubhouse, swimming pools, a gym, yoga areas, and multiple sports facilities, Hiranandani Parks is designed to cater to everybody’s lifestyle needs.

The large green spaces will add joy and happiness to all residents in the township. A garden for seniors is designed to be a refreshing attraction for elderly residents to socialize and keep them active.

The butterfly garden will feature rare varieties and give an insight into their wonderful world while the aroma of the spices garden will take you even closer to nature.

The approach to water conservation and treatment at Hiranandani Parks is also unique; the state-of-the-art eco-friendly water treatment plant that has a capacity of 2.34 MLD (Millions of Litters Per Day) generates the entire water needs of the township. Equal importance to rainwater harvesting is also given.

Visit www.hiranandaniparks.com to find out more about living in style with nature.

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