Mixed-Use Projects Enhance Work-life Balance


Mixed-use development is trending the world over and certainly the future of real estate in India. Apart from taking care of most needs of a home buyer, it also adds tremendous value-socially and economically.

The demand for residential and commercial spaces feed each other. While those who live nearby become the customer base of shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and entertainment centers, the presence of commercial spaces, in turn, creates demand for homes.

Mixed-use projects create a win-win situation for both, the developers and the buyers. From a developer’s perspective, the primary benefit of mixed-use projects is that they capture all three segments of real estate — residential, commercial, and retail. And for the buyer, it is good as an investment as well as for living, because of the lower travel time between houses, shopping centers, and workplaces.

Hiranandani Parks

One such development that is transforming the residential and commercial space in Chennai is Hiranandani Parks. Located in Oragadam, the township covers over 360 acres of residential, commercial, and retail space.

The residential portion consists of apartments and plots. Exquisitely designed for today’s modern family, the ultra luxury 2.5 & 3 BHK apartments offer plenty of comforts. The ready to build plots, called Tierra is complete with modern civic infrastructure and a wide range of amenities. Ranging between 500 Sqft and 5000 Sqft, the commercial and retail space helps businesses to reach out to the most sophisticated and urbane communities including expats and NRIs.


Perhaps one of the greatest conveniences of living in a scenic and green township like Hiranandani Parks is the ability to live and work within the same few blocks. It obviously brings many advantages along with it. We list them for you:


Saving time is the most important factor. You will have much more time for your private life, given that you will spend fewer hours in your car; and this often goes together with having much less stress.

Better social life

Not only will your private life benefit, but your social life will also receive a boost with all the time you save.

Contribute to a green environment

You will spend much less time commuting, will use your car less often and will thus also contribute to a better environment. Furthermore, it is good for your health to use public transportation or your bicycle more often.

Increase productivity

The wide range of benefits will get a better night’s sleep, be less frustrated about traffic jams, and this will have a positive effect on your productivity. This will naturally lead to greater job satisfaction.

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