Celebrations are fun at Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam, Chennai

Peoples are celebrating

Festivals, get-togethers, and social events are grand ways to socialize and bond with people in a community. As such, facilities for social congregation and activity are an important aspect of healthy community living and, therefore, social well-being.

Keeping this in mind, Hiranandani Parks, Chennai was developed with a fine range of facilities that includes a 25000 sq ft clubhouse, temple complex, amphitheater, multi-purpose convention center, landscaped gardens, and large open green spaces, not to forget the 40+ sporting amenities and more trendy amenities.

Here are some interesting facilities at Hiranandani Parks that let you celebrate your special occasions with pomp and fun


The 25,000 sqft clubhouse at Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam is a great place to socialize and celebrate all your special occasions. With large open-up spaces to engage in activities and the presence of indoor play areas, it can also help the participants including kids in engaging in indoor games and fun too.

Sri Agatheeswarar temple complex

The central point for the community of residents to get together, Sri Agatheeswarar temple complex at Hiranandani Parks, Chennai is the perfect place to celebrate all religious activists with fervor. A fusion of elegance and modern techniques, the Nakshatra garden, home to plants and trees of religious importance, located next to the temple adds to the tranquil feeling.


The modern amphitheater at Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam, adds a new dimension to the 360-acre township and brings people of all ages together for entertainment, recreation, and interaction. The theater allows residents ample opportunity to entertain their friends and family members with the movie of their choice without leaving the comforts of the community.

Multipurpose convention center

Planning to organize a business meeting, a wedding, reception, or a kids party, the multipurpose convention center at Hiranandani Parks, Chennai is the perfect place to celebrate in style. Spacious enough to have separate sections for dancing, banquets, and even a formal seating area, the convention center is loaded with the latest hi-tech equipment for an excellent audio-visual support system.


Be it a quick meeting of friends and family members or a relaxed community meeting, the Podiums at Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam are the ideal place for productive meetings. It is an ideal space to address a small group of community members while simultaneously functioning as a space for networking and break-out activities as well.

Landscaped gardens

Hiranandani Parks, Chennai is dotted with over 10 landscaped gardens spread across the township. Clean and green, the themed gardens act as a perfect place to hang out with family members and friends. Apart from providing a stimulating opportunity to celebrate your special occasions, spending some quality time in the gardens builds strength, promotes sleep, and helps maintain a healthy weight.

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