Going for a Smarter Home – 9 Gadgets that are Wonderful

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A smart home is always desirable. From opting for technologies that can do so much to ones that will serve a lot of purpose for your homes, the time has finally come for you to feel like the Jetsons everytime you’re in your house! While there were a lot of privacy concerns in the past, technology has improved so much in today’s world that a lot of these gadgets are must-haves in any house!

Hello Doorbell

You don’t need to second guess who’s at your door anymore! Some people don’t like the fact that  Smart doorbells like the Nest’s Smart Doorbell have a built-in Hi-Definition video camera. And the best part? It is the fact that you can check who’s there outside your door directly on your phone! An added advantage is the fact that there are a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can talk to whoever’s knocking even if you’re a bit far away from your door! The picture’s quality is amazing even at night, and you can hear people talking outside, no matter how busy your street is.

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Curved TVs

These beautifully engineered products are becoming increasingly popular. They appear to be a bit funky as well, and the best aspect of this TV is that they appear totally futuristic. It does not only have a high-quality viewing experience, but allows you to view from any angle, and from any part of the room. The curve of the TV reduces and minimizes glares coming from lights in and around your house.

Voice Assistants

Siri was launched in 2011 along with the iPhone 4S, and since then, even though there have been many relatively unsuccessful iterations of the same as S-Voice, Cortana, et cetera. But, Google, Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa have emerged winners, and are becoming very prominent purchases among homeowners. With Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s HomePod, and Google’s Home, people can use them to integrate it with their voices for exceptional voice-command feedback. There are also Applications and Integrations that you can do to make it switch your lights on or off and many more! These devices are a must-have!

Light Dimmer

You will be able to dim your lights from anywhere in the house if you have this wonderful little tool. And what’s more amazing is the fact that you can control them by using Amazon Echo! The kit we’re talking about is called the Lutron Kit, and it does come well-equipped with an in-wall dimmer and a remote, but all you lazy beings out there can still use it along with the Amazon Echo!

Security Camera

Security camera Smart home

Better safe than sorry isn’t it? You’ll sleep a whole lot better at night knowing that something out there is looking out for you! What better way to do so other than by buying a very good security camera? There are cameras out there like the one offered by Nest that will beep you or alerts you if it detects any activity outside with high-quality photos! The Nest camera also comes with speakers, so you can listen to whatever is going on outside!

Pet Camera

This is a wonderful tool for pet-owners! There are devices like the PetCube which will ensure that your dog or cat doesn’t fool around when you are not around. You can track the footage from the camera simply by using your phone or tablet while you’re away!

Smart Baking Scale

Okay, you’ve got the necessary materials for making a burger, but how do you go about it? There are many people who’d love to cook, but simply give up because they feel they’re not up for it or are just too lazy to go about it. Enter the Smart Baking Scale. Instead of just weighing your food for you, the Smart Baking Scale will turn all of this into a visual experience that will take you step-by-step through the entire process of cooking. Choose a recipe, decide on the quantity that you’d like to make, and the Drop Scale will take care of the rest!

Motion-Sensor Garbage Bin

This is specifically for people with OCD. People with excessive OCD are afraid to touch things and the Garbage Bin is a big no-no for such people. Do not fret. The Motion-Sensor Garbage Bin is here! You can now just wave your hand now to make the bin open its lid, drop your garbage, and it will close by itself. All with just the movement of your foot or hand.

Self-Dimming Light Bulbs

Self dimming LED bulbs Smart home

This is a must for any home as these light bulbs have the capability to dim themselves according to your needs. Night time? It’ll dim out by itself in just thirty-seven minutes to lull you to sleep! Another added advantage is the fact that the warm light of the bulb will boost melatonin production!

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Hence, having these smart features built into your home will work wonders for you and your family and will definitely help you in feeling like one among the Jetsons!

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