Dr NLH’s vision for Oragadam


It is hard to believe that what was a sleepy town barely decades ago is now one of the country’s leading industrial hubs ringed by upscale residential enclaves celebrated for its highrises, shopping and entertainment centers, and world-class townships. Oragadam still is one of Chennai’s least congested parts, rich in infrastructure and replete with green spaces, commanding premium property prices.

Back in the early 2010s, what worked in Oragadam’s favour was when Niranjan Hiranandani acquired over 360 acres of land and gave shape to Hiranandani Parks, the city’s first self-contained sports township heralding the city within the city concept. The township is loaded with eco-friendly infrastructure facilities that include a state-of-the-art water treatment plant to provide clean water, a well-connected sewage treatment plant, a bio-waste recycling plant, and an effective rainwater harvesting system.

The double-wall system for exterior surfaces offer better protection from natural elements and keeps your home cool, thereby reducing the need for air-conditioning. The township is also designed with large open green spaces to offer you and your family ample scope for relaxation and recreation in close proximity to help lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Then, more developers followed suit. This gave rise to infrastructure development and enhanced connectivity to other parts of the city.

Why Oragadam?

Dr Niranjan Hiranandani envisioned that Oragadam will become the next real estate hotspot in Chennai a decade ago. Many global and Indian conglomerates and Fortune 500 giants have set up manufacturing bases here and they provide close to 3 lakh jobs. The ever-growing workforce, both local and expats moving to this area, needed modern luxury homes that feature facilities available in their home countries.

The next wave of development plans of this bustling New Chennai includes the new Greenfield international airport, an advanced network of connecting roads like the Chennai – Salem Expressway, improved communication networks, and more facilities.

Creating superior value for customers and stakeholders on a continuous basis. That’s the vision driving the Hiranandani Group. In keeping up with this vision, Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam, was created with lifestyle patterns that provide more than just spaces to live in and operate out of.

At Hiranandani, the projects create a better experience in every aspect of life. The focus is on creating a master-planned, self-contained mixed-use development where residents have access to retail shops, leisure and food establishments, educational and health-care facilities.

Infrastructure at Hiranandani Parks

To start with the township has a well-connected drainage system and this is one of the reasons why the township is not impacted during the rainy season. What’s more, the network of other infrastructure facilities matches the contours of the surrounding natural landscape.

Living in Hiranandani Parks means living in an ultra-modern township that has a large green space with more than 1500 trees, 12 themed gardens, and more than 40+ trendy amenities.

Come visit www.hiranandaniparks.com to explore Chennai’s most loved township.

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