Great Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners

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So your friend or a family member has moved into a new house and like many people, you are unsure of what to get them. This has been a mystical aspect for many people over a long period of time.

You don’t need to get all gung-ho suddenly and eventually go empty handed! We’re here to help you. After extensive analysis and brainstorming sessions, we have come to the conclusion that there are eight great housewarming gifts you can buy for your friends and family alike!

Welcome Mats

It is a commonly known fact that every guest who intends to visit you should feel welcome even before he/she steps foot inside your house. A welcome mat which can be placed outside your main door is a perfect gift for new homeowners; a kind of positive-vibe inducing gift!

Spice Racks

If you know that a person in the family of the housewarming function you are going to loves cooking, you would also know that they would be very much into buying and trying out different kinds of spices. The spice rack can house up to nine small containers of spices and look exuberant and really neat! All of this makes the Spice Racks a welcome addition to any house!


We know what you’re thinking! Candles are cliched, and unoriginal, yes, but they do make for amazing housewarming gifts! Instead of generic candles, you should go for scented candles. It is a commonly known fact that scented candles are used in a form of therapy known as aroma-therapy or scent-therapy. Scented candles consist of natural oils which are harmless and provides excellent smell. They are known to stimulate brain function, for one, and also calms it down, thereby enabling you to experience peace and tranquility!


That was not a typo or a joke! You read that right! Batteries make for excellent housewarming gifts! You might be wondering why. Although they are very unconventional and deviates from some of the more traditional housewarming gifts, batteries should be a very popular option. When people are moving from their old home into a new one, one common item that they tend to miss out on is batteries. Due to their size, batteries are easy to lose. Another factor in you gifting batteries to new homeowners is the fact that people tend to forget to buy batteries and they wouldn’t know that they don’t have them at all until after settling down, they decide to watch television and realize that the remote is not functioning! Get them an assortment of AAs, and AAAs, and you’re good to go! It is always a nice idea to have an overload of batteries as they generally have an expiry date which is far from the buying date, and you don’t have to head over to your nearest store to buy them when you most need it!


Cups are small, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting them for that housewarming function which will easily make you the favorite! Cups are generic and may seem like they are boring gifts for people, but a touch of personalization will really help you connect with your new homeowner friends and family! There are a lot of online websites which help you personalize cups, and buying two labeled “Mr.” and “Mrs.” would really be nice! Plus, who doesn’t like drinking a cup of coffee or tea anyway? These are perfect gifts!

Key Racks

New homeowners will tend to receive a huge stack of keys for the doors in the house, cabinets, closets, et cetera! Buying a key rack will definitely be the last thing on their minds! You can do the deed for them. Key racks come in all sizes and it’d be perfect if you can get a medium-sized or a large one. What is especially brilliant about this gift is the fact that they are practical, and will help the homeowners sort out the set of keys they have on the key rack and store all their duplicates safely somewhere! Help your friends not misplace their keys!


It is a usually common fact that you would receive a cold drink as a part of general hospitality when you go to someone’s house. Have you ever felt that you’ve had nowhere to place it, because of the lack of coasters, and the dreaded rings forming around the furniture that your friends and family hold so beloved? Since many people are wary about where cups or tumblers with cold drinks are placed, it makes coasters a very useful gift! Never again do people have to worry about where to place their cold drinks!

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are unique gifts. For those of you who are unaware of the term or item, shadow boxes are heavy and thick frames in which you can put pictures, medals, certificates etcetera! What is distinct about these items is the fact that they stand out, considerably. People who enter your home and look at shadow boxes will know for a fact that they are significant memories of the inhabitants of the house, and hence the people you will be gifting it to will decide to put their best memories and pictures up there! They really do make for unique gift sets!

There are more items you can gift, of course, but the items mentioned here in the article really do have an equal mix of practicality and unique factors attached to them!

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