Five reasons why you should invest in an apartment at Hiranandani Parks

Happiness is where home is

Why it is important where you live

“When people–especially talented and creative ones–come together, ideas flow more freely, and as a result individual and aggregate talents increase exponentially: the end result amounts to more than the sum of the parts. This clustering makes each of us more productive, which in turn makes the place we inhabit even more so–and our collective creativity and economic wealth grow accordingly. This, in a nutshell, is the clustering force.” – Richard Florida

Happiness is where home is. In “Who’sYour City?: How the Creative Economy Is Making Where to Live the MostImportant Decision of Your Life”, author Richard Florida makes the point that choosing where to live is more important than ever. He cites research that shows how your geographical location influences your career, your community, and your happiness.

When choosing where to buy an apartment, there are five factors to consider besides the obvious one: your budget. Tour the property you propose to buy with a checklist and assign values to each factor. This is the best way to find out how Hiranandani Parks checks all your boxes and beyond.

The five factors are:

Career: Hiranandani Parks is an investment in your professional advancement.

The community is situated in Oragadam, where 20+ Fortune 500 companies and other global powerhouses are exponentially driving up employment opportunities. The Hiranandani Group, for instance, is setting up an industrial logistics park which is expected to generate over 2,500 jobs. Daimler is building its third largest commercial vehicles plant outside Germany in Oragadam. With land still available, large government projects and SEZs are likely to open up in this industrial hub.

Community: Hiranandani Parks is an investment in relationships and networking.

The energy and creativity you derive from the people and environment you live in help you to innovate new ideas and push yourself to new heights. At Hiranandani Parks, you will find the right fit for your kind of aspirations.

The current gig economy and the shift to Work-from-home (WFH) enables more people to live away from their workplaces in locales they love. Choose your network wisely and you will be able to live a dream life. A community like Hiranandani is the best bet for finding your groove.

Aesthetics: Hiranandani Parks is an investment in beauty.

The neo-classical architecture, high ceilings, attention to detail; the landscaping with its 80 pc green ratio, the environment-friendly, self-sustaining architecture – they all come together to create beauty backed with ethics. The elaborate domes, lofted arches, and arched windows surround you with beauty and bring the community to life.

Health: Hiranandani Parks is an investment in health.

From senior citizens to infants, there are facilities which will help all categories of people to live a healthy life. Swim, ride, golf or bat your way to health at various facilities at the clubhouse and the Colosseum. There is a golf course, and courts for football, hockey, cricket, basketball, tennis, squash and badminton. The Hiranandani Hospital has you covered if you are unwell.

Happiness: Hiranandani Parks is an investment in happiness.

Creating and carving out a lifestyle in harmony with your basic values coupled with success-building habits in an enabling environment for all age groups in your family is the ultimate formula for happiness. You will find it at Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam.

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