The Colosseum at Hiranandani Parks

The colosseum adds to the quality of life and the luxury quotient of hiranandani parks

At the center of the ancient city of Rome, Italy stands the Colosseum, the largest-standing amphitheater in the world. Completed in AD 80, it holds a place among the seven wonders of the World and continues to inspire architecture and design till today.

True to its manifesto of retaining charm and magnificence for years to come, the Sports Colosseum run by the Thriveni Academy Foundation and Development Centre is a neo-classical landmark at Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam. The Academy is a Niranjan Hiranandani initiative to help build Oragadam as a destination for sports tournaments in this part of the country. The Colosseum adds to the quality of life and the luxury quotient of Hiranandani Parks.

The Colosseum has a convention center and amphitheater along with facilities for sports. Here is an overview of the facilities:

Golf: The 55-acre golf course with gazebo seating was designed by David Hemstock, a Designer, Agronomist, and Soil & Water Engineer. Hemstock has worked on over 200 golf projects in the United Kingdom and internationally. He has done golf legacy design work for the Athens Olympics, concept design work on Royal Ascot GC, and others.

The 9-hole day-and-night course comes with a 250-meter driving range.

Cricket: Adhering to International Cricket Council test match standards, the 6.7-acre cricket field with 4 acres of oval and 66’ x 10’ of turf and red soil pitch at the Colosseum has three net practice pitches – turf, PCC, and clay. Both sides have sight screens. It boasts 28 water sprinklers and a pre-cast slab pathway design and seating for spectators.

Football: The football stadium at the Colosseum, Hiranandani Parks was the home ground for RamanVijayan Soccer School in the Hero Indian Super League Junior 2019edition. It has a total land area of 5.3 acres, a total court area of361’ x 164’, and a play area court size of 295’ x 148’.

Tennis: The tennis facility has a total court area of 120’ x 120’ and meets International TennisFederation standards. The 78’ x 36’ play court area can host both singles and doubles match. The novacrylic band synthetic surface has a 3.5 mm thickness.

Volleyball: The Colosseum caters to volleyball players with a 1.8-acre volleyball facility and gazebo seating.

Basketball: Like most facilities at the Colosseum, the basketball court meets international standards for sports grounds. Here it follows the National Basketball Association (NBA) requirements. Its total court area is 105’ x 66’and it has a 3.5mm thick novacrylic band synthetic surface.

Equestrian: With gazebo seating, a viewing gallery for all the arenas, and a coaching class for polo and equestrian enthusiasts, the equestrian facility at the Colosseum is a major draw for the young and the old. It has two standard dressage arenas and a jumping arena as well as an 18-m diameter covered round yard for schooling.

Hockey: The 2.2-acre hockey field at the Colosseum meets international standards and facilitates the country’s national game – field hockey.

Swimming: The 8 m by 16 m pool with a depth of 1.1 m has a capacity of 30 swimmers at a time.

Squash: The Colosseum has four squash courts and a viewing gallery on the first floor. The dimensions of each court meet World Squash Federation standards.

Convention center: The convention center has ample parking space, a lawn, and can host 400guests at its 14,000 sq ft built-up facility.

Amphitheater: The 30,000 sq ft amphitheater has a seating capacity of 250 and two dressing rooms. The stage is set for 2500 sq ft.

Table tennis, carroms, and chess facilities are also provided at the Colosseum, Hiranandani Parks. The wide range of sporting facilities at the Colosseum is built in keeping with the Hiranandani Parks’ tagline: Creating Communities, Delivering Happiness. They bring together Life, Work, and Play for the residents of this mixed-use integrated township.

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