God’s own place: The Nakshatra garden at Hiranandani Parks


Gardens are peaceful & green spaces having trees and plants with restorative qualities that can work wonders when people are stressed and under pressure. The Nakshatra garden at Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam, does more than just provide greenery and peace: for those who believe in astrology and are spiritually inclined, there’s something unique. Located near the Sri Agatheeswarar temple within the 360-acre township, the garden has plants and trees for all the 27 Nakshatras.

According to belief, every person is associated with one of the 27 Nakshatras or stars and every Nakshatra has a symbolic tree or plant that defines a person’s connection with eternal nature. At Hiranandani Parks, the garden does not only house all the 27 Nakshatra trees, but they are planted in such a way that it resembles a garland to the main deity Sri Lord Agatheeswarar.

Religious importance

Nakshatra trees play an important role in Vedic Jyothisha. A person born under a particular star can be free of ailments, physical, social, and economic problems if he/ she worships and grooms the plant/tree of that star or Nakshathra.

For those who believe in astrology, the belief goes that worshipping the plants/ trees as per the individual’s Nakshathra results brings in a lot of positivity. Watering the particular plant/tree regularly as also circumambulating a few times around while worshipping it, is believed to fulfill wishes and remove impediments in life.

Great place to meditate

Apart from its religious importance, the Nakshatra garden can act as the perfect place to meditate. Fostering a quiet and calming atmosphere –away from distractions and noise, the garden provides the perfect atmosphere to relax, and achieve the peace and harmony one seeks. Meditation offers numerous benefits which span mental, physical, and spiritual areas. The Nakshatra trees and the serene atmosphere can enhance the therapeutic experience of being outdoors and open up a space to allow the mind to clear and the meditation practice flourish. It is believed that sitting and meditating under a particular tree in line with one’s nakshatra, impacts positively on a person’s mind and body.

Though the exact elements for a garden best for meditation vary from person to person, the basic idea is to keep things natural and open. Excess plants or garden décor will clutter the space as well as the mind. That’s why the Nakshatra garden at Hiranandani Parks offers one of the best environments to meditate.

An ideal community place

The Nakshatra garden is not as simple as being a common amenity or facility for residents, it represents a central point for the community of residents to get together. During auspicious festive occasions, the garden acts as a focal point for all residents to come together as a community and celebrate the festivity with fervor.

The list of benefits does not end with these, it goes on. Some of the Nakshatra trees are known for their ability to keep the air clear. The garden also offers a perfect environment for elders to relax and spend some quality time with nature. Children too get to know about the benefits of gardening and the importance of trees with religious importance.

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