Hiranandani Parks – a senior-friendly township

Man, woman and kids are siting on sofa

Most senior citizens face the highest risk of injury due to falls at home and outdoors, says a study. Though nothing can be done to modify things outside the homes, making a few changes can make homes senior-friendly. At Hiranandani Parks, the fine range of features and amenities for the senior residents help improve their comfort level as well as reduce the risk of falls to a great extent.

Here are some features at Hiranandani Parks that help the senior residents to reduce the risk of falls.

Non-slippery flooring

Another most important aspect that helps the senior residents to prevent falls is non-slippery floors. The use of double-charged vitrified tiles at Hiranandani Parks keeps any possibility of slipping or falling at a bare minimum.

Ample lighting 

Abundant lighting inside the home is of paramount importance in preventing falls of the elderly. The 7 ft tall windows and 8 ft tall doors at Hiranandani Parks, keep the home well-lit naturally. Uninterrupted power supply through adequate power backup also helps elderly residents to avoid total darkness during power failures.

Exclusive senior citizen’s corner

Regular exercise and quality time with nature are very important for elders. The senior citizen’s corner at Hiranandani Parks helps the elderly residents to enjoy fresh air in a safe and secure environment. The well-planned area has walkways with trees dotting the sides offering shade to the users. It also has specially designed spaces at regular intervals for the users to rest. They are carefully laid so that they do not create hurdles in their movement. They are designed in such a way that it protects them to reduce injuries in case of falls.

Safe and secure environment

All the towers at Hiranandani Parks have 3 lifts (2 passengers & 1 Service) with a capacity of nearly 20 occupants. The lifts are fitted with features that enable senior residents to use them with ease. Each tower also has a CC camera surveillance with the security guard to monitor and prevent any untoward incidents, particularly involving elderly residents. 

Rela Hospital

Rela hospital located within the township is equipped to deal with all medical emergencies. The hospital has round-the-clock ambulance services and a 24/7 pharmacy.

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