What Are ‘DTCP Approved’ Plots?

DTCP Approved

And, are Hiranandani Plots DTCP Approved?

This article covers what the DTCP certification means to builders and buyers out there, and answers the question as to whether Hiranandani’s plots are DTCP approved. The reader is also presented with an insight into the glorious DTCP-Approved Hiranandani Tierra Plots which is located in Oragadam.

What is the DTCP?

DTCP stands for the Directorate of Town and Country Planning. This directorate was implemented by the Government of Tamil Nadu through the Town and Country Planning Act of 1971, which succeeded the Town Planning Act of 1920. The DTCP functions under the T&CP act of 1971. This department is wholly controlled by the Housing and Urban Development Department of the Secretariat, and this department exudes its jurisdiction over the entirety of the state of Tamil Nadu, barring the Chennai Metropolitan Development Area (CMDA).

The aim of this directorate has always been to be effective in providing land development plans, with proper infrastructural facilities which are pertinent for all of society.

Hiranandani Tierra a Premium Residential Villa Plots Launched With Unparalleled Infrastructure at Oragadam

The Procedure Involved in DTCP Plots Approval

The Directorate of Town and Country Planning is usually responsible for any and all developmental activities, and to authoritatively control town planning for Chennai, all its suburbs, and the districts that come under its jurisdiction. The DTCP approvals all come with the foremost advantage that an owned land must be used as per the definitions and rules that have been effectively laid out by the planning authority.

In simple terms, you must get an approval from the CMDA or the DTCP to rightfully proceed with your building constructions lawfully and legally. Once this approval is received, the builder can then proceed with his/her construction cannot be destroyed, unless some of the layouts become unapproved later on. A DTCP approved plot will have perfectly formulated layouts that stick completely true to the guidelines and keeping in mind the amount of road and public spaces that are available.

Builders do not need to get specific sizes approved from the DTCP, as the laws apply to a plot of any size that are designed. The catch kicks in with the land itself. The land must be within the serving authority of the DTCP, and must fulfill all the guidelines that have been set by them, religiously.

What You Should Be Doing As a Buyer

As a buyer, you should have it in your mind to always ask the builder if the plots that you are interested to buy are approved wholly by the DTCP, without any obstruction. The builder should have displayed it in his/her approved layout drawing. Also, a common practice takes place where the builder displays the DTCP approved seal on their marketing promotions, and pamphlets. If this is not the case, then the builder is susceptible for strong legal action.

You can also choose to request and preserve a copy of these legal documents for yourself, as long as you are interested, and are going to be using this information only for your own personal purposes. You should also be consulting a lawyer if and when you have any concerning doubts over the builder’s approvals. There are a lot of people who advertise the property or plot saying that it is DTCP Approved, but in reality, they are not.

Plots in Oragadam, are they DTCP Approved?

The answer is multi-variant. Yes, and no. Since Oragadam is a constantly booming and improving place, it has to be noted that there are a lot of plot spaces coming up. One of the more prominent, and more popular ones, The Hiranandani Parks, however, offers super premium plots that are DTCP approved.

The plots range from six-hundred to five thousand square feet. The Hiranandani Parks Tierra Plots are situated inside the magnificent Hiranandani Parks. The Hiranandani Parks is an expansive township, located inside four-hundred acres of just magnificent beauty.

When you buy a plot at the Hiranandani Parks, not only do you have the freedom of constructing your own house, according to particular specifications, you also get access to a wide range of facilities. The Hiranandani Parks in Oragadam has a magnificent golf range which can be accessed by all residents, and access to a big range of sporting facilities, ranging from Cricket to Tennis to even Polo and Squash!

This township has been inspired from Hiranandani’s previous two constructions in other locations, the Hiranandani Gardens in Powai, and the Hiranandani Estates and Meadows in Thane. This township also has DTCP approved Villas, which the Hiranandani Group of Constructions is not widely known for. They are known for a perfect neoclassical architecture, and master-planned townships, with statuesque high rise towers.

Why Oragadam?

It was maybe a masterful move from the Hiranandani Group of Constructions to situate this project in Oragadam, and its consequent impact for on-demand real estate! More and more real estate investors are getting astounded by the potential of Oragadam and the amount of factories that have been set up there. As a result of this, more and more jobs are created, and this implies that there would definitely be an increase among the inhabitants.

Therefore, the real question must be: Why not Oragadam, instead of Why Oragadam! We hope this article was insightful enough for you. Let us know what you thought of the article in the comments section down below!

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