Integrated townships: Designed for healthy living


A healthy way of living has become essential in today’s times. Regular physical activity alleviates stress and most of all reduces screen time and mental fatigue. As cities and business hotspots attract people in pursuit of better economic status, not every place is built to sustain facilities for a healthy lifestyle for its people. And the result is a big health impact that can bring down the quality of life.

Integrated townships provide the perfect answer to the present-day challenges of maintaining a robust lifestyle. It offers a plethora of amenities and open green spaces as well as fresh air for its residents to help them lead a vibrant physical and mental lifestyle. Providing a fine example of sustainable, peaceful, and high-quality living. Families keen on a safe and healthy lifestyle prefer to live in townships to avail all the bountiful facilities provided by them.

When the Hiranandani Communities was being conceptualized, its promoter Dr Niranjan Hiranandani envisioned that all Hiranandani projects particularly townships be places dedicated to wellness living. They were purposefully designed to raise the quality of life by encouraging an active and balanced lifestyle for its residents.

Facilities of the future

Unlike the past when fitness amenities meant only a well-equipped gym with enough treadmills and a swimming pool, the wellness approach is quite multi-faceted now. Facilities now include a gym with all the proper equipment but it is not limited to it. The features included in the fitness and wellness facilities are exclusive yoga rooms or studios with proper ambience, jogging tracks with scenic landscapes, swimming, indoor games like table tennis, outdoor game areas like badminton and tennis courts, volleyball, basketball courts, and more.

Many townships also provide exclusive provisions for children and elders to exercise and stay healthy. Townships promoted by the Hiranandani Communities are popular for pioneering innovative provisions like the themed garden for elders. The gardens have unique options that stimulate physical activity among the elderly and enhance the overall quality of life.

The value of green

A major advantage of integrated townships is that they offer residents open spaces in the form of parks and gardens, jogging tracks, and a lot more. This characteristic of open spaces is about a lot more than just aesthetics and brings a number of mental health benefits as well.

Studies by environmental psychologists show that visual exposure to nature, in the form of trees, grass, and flowers, can effectively reduce stress and improve one’s capacity to be productive.  Brief experiences of nearby nature help to restore the mind from mental fatigue, as natural settings provide respite from the highly focused attention needed for most tasks.

Designed to ensure the utmost convenience and comfort of all the residents, integrated townships with their wide wish list of amenities and wooded areas offer the best environment and facilities to lead a healthy, happy, and stress-free lifestyle for the entire family.

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