Hiranandani Parks: Designed to meet the needs of today’s lifestyles

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The pandemic and the on and off lockdown that has come to be in the past two years have made all of us rethink our needs, particularly about our homes. Homes have now become the epicenter of all activities, everything from work and play to wellness, leading to an emergence of design trends focused on adapting to a new normal.

While many residents found it difficult to adjust their homes to suit the new lifestyle trends, the residents at Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam have found it relatively easier to accommodate the design changes. The futuristic design and the fine range of trendy amenities at the township have helped, to a certain extent to make this possible. 

The township also provides the kind of controlled environment that makes a big difference during such an outbreak. The range of fine amenities and features let the residents get through the prolonged siege-like situation of a pandemic with a much lower impact on the quality of life.

Here are the new lifestyle trends that are making an impact now.

Return to nature: Nature recognizes the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. It can inspire, restore and refresh. Several studies have shown that connecting with nature can offer several mental health benefits. Similarly, incorporating elements of nature into the home has been proven to improve happiness and well-being.

Hiranandani Parks, Chennai, the 360-acre township, boasts of seven themed gardens, podium gardens, outdoor sporting avenues, walking and jogging tracks. What’s more, the sundecks and the balconies at Hiranandani Parks are designed in such a way that it offers a captivating view of the surrounding greens and brings the magic of nature’s beauty into every home.

The connection with nature does not stop there, it extends to all the aspects of the home. A recent survey says that nearly 40% want to incorporate natural elements in their kitchens also. At Hiranandani apartments, nature-inspired materials are widely used to help the residents connect with nature. Be it the countertops, cabinets, or the fittings, environmentally sustainable materials that deliver the authentic look of wood add a sense of nature connect for the residents.

Luxury personified: Another adverse result of the pandemic that led to the trend of incorporating luxurious elements into the design home was the drop in domestic and international travel. The lack of travel resulted in homemakers incorporating needs that they normally find during their travel like the comforts of an upscale hotel or luxury resort into their homes.

From expansive sun-decks to modern bathrooms and chef-quality kitchens, the apartments at Hiranandani Parks add that slice of luxury to the homes. Further, the most sought-after materials are used to style up the homes. The modern double-charged vitrified tiles that are used on the floors combine nature’s beauty with cutting-edge design innovation to deliver a shiny look on a durable solid surface. Along with white ceramic glazed tiles, it creates another design approach that is gaining traction, particularly in kitchens. This style is further glamorized by the use of classy cabinets and chic countertops.

Sustainable lifestyle: As the post-pandemic lockdown lives become increasingly home-centric, homes need to perform on a level they may never have before. From accommodating a work-from-office set up to space for children to pursue their online classes, the need for a sturdy material for a sustainable style is gaining momentum. And this includes incorporating materials that work as hard as the residents do.

The use of sustainable products in the design of Hiranandani Parks guarantees greater durability, little maintenance, and prevents a negative environmental impact. Materials like veneer, laminate, and solid surface offer ideal options for eco-conscious residents.

Easy access to essentials: The pandemic demonstrated the need for easy accessibility to essentials, as the movement was heavily restricted. Living in Hiranandani Parks ensures that you never have to worry about getting to a supermarket or hospital again. From retail avenues to quality healthcare, all essential services are available in close vicinity.

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