Lost in a Trance – Living in the Epic Hiranandani Parks


The first crop of the buildings constructed by the Hiranandani Group was mainly in Mumbai which revolutionized the way people live in India. It opened up more options for people who were living monotonously in either individual houses or standalone apartments. Gated communities, with the aim of providing an all-around solution for all their housing needs and community needs.

When news came about that the Hiranandani Group of Builders were planning to bring their prowess to Chennai, people were thrilled.

People were absolutely stunned when the magnificent Hiranandani Parks situated in Oragadam had finished being constructed. Their brilliant decision to locate this project in Oragadam has to be commended for its excellently planned out construction and smart choice of location. Over the last five years, many industries have set up their manufacturing outlets in the Oragadam and the Sriperumbudur region. And guess where a lot of them have chosen to live? The Hiranandani Parks!

The Lifestyle

There are a lot of expats such as Japanese and Koreans living in the Hiranandani Parks, and one would rightly expect the township to be truly heterogeneous. Having a diverse range of people to interact with can be really fun! From socializing to hanging out with each other, the people living at the Hiranandani Parks do really have a lot to do on a day-to-day basis.

Since the weekends are the two days when the people living here can make full use of all that the Hiranandani Parks has to offer, all 400 acres of the expansive township is vibrant and full of energy over Saturdays and Sundays.

The Hiranandani Lifestyle has attributes of high convenience. Every resident has access to basic amenities within a walkable distance. It has been aptly called ‘A city within a city!’ Whether your reason for shifting to the Hiranandani Parks is that it is close to your workplace, or the fact that you have just settled there to enjoy your retired life, living here is bound to improve the way you live every single day. If you are ready to tweak your lifestyle a bit, you’d be wishing that you had made the decision to shift here sooner!

Seven Advantages Involved in Living in Gated Communities

Being Independent

Many people tend to be skeptical to step outside their homes to get something that they want or even for general purposes. Your independence factor will rise heavily if you live in a gated community like the Hiranandani Parks! You’ll be able to do everything yourself, within the confines of a gated community and this has a great amount of survival factor ingrained to it.

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Golf? Polo? Tennis? Cricket? You take your pick. The amenity is available. Although there are a lot of sports facilities which exist in the Hiranandani Parks, one sport that it is exclusively known for is golf. Inclusive of a 9-hole range and a driving range, the golf course at the Hiranandani Parks is complete. The golf range also offers training services by a coach! Once the golf coach decides you are ready to take your skills to the field, you can, and if you want to tweak your skills or just relax, you can take a swing at the driving range!


Food is important for survival and no gated community is complete without a restaurant or two. The Hiranandani Parks, owing largely to its expat population, has a Korean and a Japanese restaurant, both of which are of high quality! If continental food is not your forte, you have the option of eating at top-class Indian Highway restaurants which are hardly a few kilometers away!

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Go for Walks

Take in the sights and go for relaxing walks around the 400-acre fervor that is the Hiranandani Parks. Go for a stroll, and socialize. It is not just blocks of apartment buildings, but a township, mind you! The best opportunities for you to interact with people in and around will arise during the daily strolls!

Go for a Long Drive

One of the best ways to curb stress is by driving. The slow hum of the engine, and being in complete control of expert machinery is one of the best adrenaline rushes you can experience! Oragadam is located on the stretch of the beautifully constructed NH4 Highway. With many lanes to shift, and being able to maintain a constant speed without shifting your car’s gears too much, this is one of the best ways to relax!

Living in the Hiranandani Parks comes loaded with many advantages. By incorporating a neo-classical architecture, the Hiranandani Group has brought about something to Chennai that has revolutionized the entire market. In five years, it is expected to grow even more in population, and there is no better time than now to invest in the Hiranandani Parks and reap its benefits!

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