Need to disconnect from work? Here are 4 ways Hiranandani Parks helps to recharge and avoid burnout

A girl sitting in front of laptop

Work-related stress leading to emotional exhaustion and physical fatigue is making it difficult for a high number of office goers to relax and unwind, says a study.

Research shows that prioritizing wellness-minded activities, such as taking a vacation along with family members or taking up a new fitness or meditation routine, can help avoid burnout. That’s why the amenities at Hiranandani Parks are designed to help residents to break the routine, relax and avoid burnout.

Here are four ways the amenities at Hiranandani Parks help the residents to disconnect, rejuvenate and recharge.

1. Rethink the 9-to-5 grind

For those who work from home, the fine range of amenities allows the residents to take a break from the home office to work in a more relaxing environment. It allows them to integrate fun into the residents’ workday. From taking the laptop and working in a quiet environment surrounded by nature at any of the themed gardens or setting up a home office on the deck or balcony, the wide range of possibilities helps the residents to take a moment to disconnect and recharge.

2. Plan regular weekend getaways

Weekend getaways throughout the year can help the residents to alleviate stress and boost happiness. At Hiranandani Parks, the residents don’t have to travel far to reap the rewards of travel. From landscaped theme gardens and fountain parks to a grand clubhouse and sporting amenities, the large number of new surroundings offer a breathing sigh of relief to the residents. A cycle ride to explore the 360-acre township or a picnic with family members at the themed gardens for a change of pace and experience something new.

3. Unplug

Sometimes a weekend just won’t do and you need to disconnect to combat burnout completely. To reduce stress, anger, and depression, and improve sleep, consider turning off your phone, unplugging your TV and devices, and treating yourself to digital detox.

At Hiranandani Parks activities like a quiet morning run in a green environment and Zen-filled mind and body yoga sessions and more such activities offer a fully immersive, natural adventure sure to provide the reboot the residents need.

4. Think outside the box

It’s no secret that mind and body wellness treatments can do wonders. Whether practicing yoga or spending some quality time with nature, the amenities at Hiranandani Parks help the residents to think outside the box and try out new things that offer a form of wellness and soothe and calm the resident’s stress factors.

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