Hiranandani Parks is designed to keep the environment clean and safe

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The 26th of September every year is celebrated as World Environmental Health Day. The day promotes awareness of different issues surrounding environmental health.

In today’s world, there are many environmental issues like pollution, the greenhouse effect, climate change, urbanization, etc, which are deteriorating the quality of the environment, air, water, and food, which is essential for human survival in day-to-day life. Apart from having a negative effect on the living environment, it leads to a host of health issues for the residents.

One residential development that scores high in good environmental practices is Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam. Designed and created using many green innovations, the 360-acre green township has many features that keep the environment clean and safe. Here are some special features.

State-of-the-art water conservation and treatment plant

Through a series of stormwater drains that run throughout the township, rainwater is collected and stored within the township. Then using modern water treatment technology, water is treated and supplied to all the households. 

The modern sewage treatment plant

Through a series of sewage treatment proceeds, sewage water is treated at the plant, and the treated water is used for several non-drinking purposes. Apart from using it to water the plants in the gardens, the treated water is also used to flush the toilets and clean the floors.

The slush generated during the treatment process is dried and used as an organic fertilizer in the gardens. Not allowing sewage water into the natural environment, helps to keep the water resources and the surroundings clean and healthy. The plant has a capacity of 2.34 MLD (Millions of Litres Per Day).

Green building process

Using innovative construction ideas, the apartments allow natural elements to keep the homes airy and comfortable. Unlike other normal constructions, the double wall technique is used to construct Hiranandani Parks. It consists of two layers separated by a thick wall cavity which is used for insulation. During the hot summer seasons, the outer wall prevents heat from entering the home and protects the inner layers from heat. Similarly, during the winter season, the outer layer prevents chill weather from entering the homes. During the rainy season, the outer layer prevents water from seeping into the homes. A special paint, Renova texture paint, is used to paint the external surface of the buildings. Apart from the trendy aesthetics, it protects the surface from extreme weather conditions and lasts longer than normal paints.

Further, the large windows and doors at Hiranandani Parks are positioned at vantage positions to aid cross-air ventilation. It keeps the home fresh and airy naturally and cuts down on the use of fans and ACs.

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