Plots at Hiranandani Parks: Vastu-perfect to build your dream home

Vastu perfect to build your dream home

Post the pandemic and the lockdowns that followed, the preferences of home buyers are changing. As the number of people working from home has gone up, many are exploring options outside the crowded cities. Consequently, the demand for plots particularly within plotted developments has gone up, as some people are preferring standalone homes.

One plotted community that is being preferred by homebuyers to build their dream home is Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam – Chennai. From provisions for EB & sewage connection to beautifully paved roads and options for fiber optic cables for telecom services, the plots at Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam has a fine range of modern civic infrastructure features that facilitates ready to build homes.

Another major benefit to the homebuyer is that all the plots are Vastu compliant on various factors, to ensure the plots bring fortune and luck to the owner.

Vastu perfect shapes. The shape of the plots plays an important role in Vastu guidelines. The rectangular or square-shaped shaped plots such as the ones at Hiranandani Parks bring prosperity and happiness.

Uniformed plot. Flatland without any slants and slopes like the ones that are found at the 360-acre township is best suited for residential construction as they too usher in joy and wealth, as per Vastu.

Ideally located. The plots are located in a perfect environment without any obstructions or impediments. This helps to deflect negative energies and infections to the plot owners.

Hassle-free plotted development. The ready-to-build, DTCP approved and RERA accredited plots come with a wide range of infrastructure facilities that include the provision of EB cables from FP/Transformer to each plot. Every plot has a sewage connection with well-designed uPVC conical chambers. Stormwater drains prevent waterlogging on the streets and roads during the rainy season. Not to mention the well-paved roads and provisions for fiber optic cables from telecom services.

In addition to the modern civic infrastructure, the township has state-of-the-art water and sewage treatment plants. The water treatment plant has a capacity of 2.34 MLD (Millions Of Liters Per Day) and supplies round-the-clock tapped water to all the homes within the township. The treated water from the sewage treatment plant is reused for toilet flushing along with other domestic uses such as watering plants and cleaning the floor. The sludge collected during the treatment process is treated and used as a natural fertilizer for the gardens.

One of the huge plus points of owning a plot at Hiranandani Parks is that the residents can enjoy the benefits of 12+ professional-grade sports facilities, landscaped themed gardens, the upcoming clubhouse, and plenty of open green spaces.

Check out www.hiranandaniparks.com and request a site visit to explore the facilities.

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