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When one thinks about living a healthy lifestyle, eating well, exercising regularly, and getting adequate sleep come to mind. However, over the past two years, the pandemic and resultant lifestyle changes have made a dramatic influence on the living spaces that have an impact on one’s overall well-being, both mentally and physically. This literally means that for good health, one needs to take a closer look at his home.

The pandemic has made most people spend more time at home than ever before, which is why this becomes that much more important. This realization has inspired many homeowners to make thoughtful updates that not only enhance their homes but support the wellness of the body and mind of everyone who lives there. However, for the residents of Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam, the fine range of benefits and the futuristic design of the sports-themed township helps them to adapt to the changes with ease.

Find out more about the features at Hiranandani Parks, Chennai that are driving wellness home design in 2022:

Spaces have a profound impact on health.

The air quality in the home, materials used for construction, layout, and countless other reasons influence people on their physical, mental, and emotional levels. That’s why at Hiranandani Parks, Chennai, all the homes have large windows and doors. The 7 feet tall windows and 8 feet tall doors keep the home fresh and illuminated naturally. The windows are also placed at perfect angles for effective cross-ventilation. It helps to keep the home fresh and cool without a fan or AC. Another feature that adds to the wellness quotient is the use of double-wall construction at Hiranandani Parks. It consists of two layers with an insulation gap in the middle. The outer layer protects the extreme weather outside from impacting the home. During the summer, it keeps the home cool and vice versa during the winter. It also prevents water seepage during the rainy season. Renova, the special extra-thick paint that is used on the outer walls of the building protects the home from the outside weather.

The pandemic and the situation that followed led to an increase in remote work and hybrid schedules, over the last 18 months. Homes now need to become workplaces, and now, workplaces need to become more like homes. While most of the homeowners found it difficult to accommodate the changes in their homes, the transition was a breeze for the residents of Hiranandani Parks, Chennai.

Unlike other 2BHK flats, Hiranandani Parks apartments have 2.5 BHKs and this extra space offers the residents the much-needed area to accommodate their office set-up without disturbing the comforts of other family members. Further, the wide range of provisions that include seamless telecommunications connectivity to every home within the township lets the residents enjoy uninterrupted Internet connections. Also, the presence of themed gardens, free open green space, sports-themed amenities, and more facilities help the residents to take a quick short break from the work schedule, relax with nature and resume their work.

Designing for well-being isn’t just about now.

It’s increasingly about understanding long-term needs. That’s why at Hiranandani Parks, every aspect of the home was designed with the needs of residents in mind, so they can use it for their evolving needs.

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