Six reasons why expats prefer Hiranandani Parks

Six reasons why expats prefer Hiranandani Parks

Moving to India need not be a hardship posting if you do your homework – and find the right home! And if you are headed for Chennai, the storied metropolis in SouthIndia, the homework is not going to be hard either. Sea, sun, saris, shopping, schools, culture and arts are Chennai’s bread and butter- or idli and sambar – as you will find out when you explore this ancient city by the sea.

Yet, Chennai the city can be overwhelming, considering it’s the sixth most populated city in India. Though it’s the safest in the country, more expats and people from the other Indian States are finding it convenient to move into gated communities and townships: away from the heat and dust of the metropolis, yet connected. Hiranandani Parks is celebrated as the integrated sports township that has transformed Oragadam into a sought-after residential neighbourhood.

We spoke to some expatriates and distilled six reasons why it’s easier to set up home as a newcomer in Hiranandani Parks:

1. Convenience

Need a home-cooked meal but don’t feel up to it? Perhaps one of your neighbours is from your own country and a home chef and would deliver a fresh hot local meal at your doorstep.

There is nothing you can not outsource in a close-knit community. When you have just moved to a new country, and you don’t know whom to call on Day One for necessities like milk, water and an internet connection, you will find the community has it all sorted. The community’s office staff/security guards or neighbours on online groups will connect you to a maid, a cook, a driver, a babysitter, a plumber, a carpenter, an electrician – people you will want for life and never want to leave behind when it’s time to go back home!

2. Health and Safety

A prime reason why expats choose Hiranandani Parks is the safety afforded by a clear and efficient security system. Guards vet all visitors and staff, and everyone carries community ID. Hovering over your children at play may just become a thing of the past, once you have established safety protocols and got the drill down pat.

A round-the-clock efficient and reliable health care is available at the family hospital inside the township with its own team of specialists and emergency room. Ambulance service and pharmacy too function 24 X 7.

3. Amenities

You won’t miss working out when you are at Hiranandani Parks. If you haven’t the time to go for long runs on the jogging tracks, hit the gym early for a high-intensity session or put in a robust lap at the pool. Play golf, ride horses, learn cricket or enjoy a game of squash. Professional grade venues are available for over 12 games.

Take part in group dance, aerobics or yoga classes at the clubhouse. Then go over to the convenience store for your daily bread or eggs, and get back home all pumped up for a long day at work.

4. Networking

The green open spaces, the playgrounds for children, the walking tracks, restaurant, resto-bar and amphitheatre turn into socialising spaces after working hours and on holidays for new expatriates, their children or their elderly. It’s a wonderful thing to behold when the community comes together for one of the innumerable festivals which India is home to.

5. Connectivity

43km from the Chennai International Airport, Hiranandani Parks is well-connected by a highway to Chennai city and is situated in Oragadam, the biggest auto/auto-ancillary hub in South Asia and TamilNadu’s most successful industrial corridor. 

It’s likely your workplace is nearby – and if it’s not, you are likely to want to work from home, if you are not already doing so this pandemic! Staying home was never better than at Hiranandani.

6. Global standards; luxurious lifestyle

Hiranandani Parks offers luxurious apartments and villas in architectural marvels built to global standards with cutting edge facilities that have an international appeal and sophistication. The sprawling 360-acre self-contained township is famous for its lush greenery, refreshing air, uninterrupted power and water supply and over 40 attractions. It offers multiple options for shopping, entertainment, leisure and dining, all inside a totally green township. And it is built around the concept of a healthy and active trendy lifestyle for families who have experienced the finest in living.

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