The garden for seniors at Hiranandani Parks: 6 surprising health benefits

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To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul. English poet Alfred Austin

Being active is very important for senior citizens. It not only helps them maintain a healthy lifestyle post-retirement but also keeps their minds hale and fresh. And a great way to get your daily dose of the great outdoors is spending some quality time with nature. At Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam, the exclusive garden for senior citizens has many unexpected health benefits and has been known to relieve stress, act as a moderate form of exercise, and even help to cope with depression!

1 Physical fitness

Studies reveal that significant health benefits are seen in adults who participate in regular physical activity. One of the best ways for elders to increase their activity is to take a stroll in the garden. The garden for elders at Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam is loaded with a fine range of facilities for the seniors to enjoy their activity. While the safety features at the garden provide a safe environment for seniors to indulge in physical activity, the trees provide shade and a cool atmosphere.

2 Reduces Stress

Stress and anxiety are common issues among the elderly. Increased stress levels can have a negative impact on the mental health of seniors. However, one of the main benefits of spending time with mother nature in the garden is that it can help reduce feelings of stress among the elderly. It is a refreshing activity for seniors. Quality time with nature increases hand-eye coordination, which helps to keep the brain and body in sync. It also lowers stress-producing cortisol levels and raises serotonin; a calming chemical in the brain that puts you in a good mood, say medical experts.

3 Increased social-interactions

Social interactions play an important role in keeping the spirit among the elderly on a high note. In fact, it opens up the door for some exciting and helpful interactions with others. At Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam, the garden for the elderly allows them to talk to different people, interact and exchange ideas as well.

4 Good source for Vitamin D

Outdoor activities are essential for the body to achieve the required levels of Vitamin D. Known to increase calcium levels in our body, Vitamin D improves bone strength and offers various benefits for the body’s immune system as well. Since spending quality time in the garden allows seniors to stay in sunlight for a longer period of time, it ensures an adequate amount of exposure to Vitamin D.

5 Can prevent depression and reduce the risk of Dementia

One of the many benefits of spending time in the garden is that it enhances the use of sensory abilities along with motor skills. Also, it engages various critical functions among seniors such as memory and sensory awareness. Studies suggest that spending time in the garden is known to work as a natural anti-depressant and can help reduce the symptoms of depression among older adults and also help reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

6 Develop a Positive Mindset

Apart from improving their physical and mental health, time with nature allows seniors to have a more positive approach to life. The fresh atmosphere in the garden can work wonders for their health and can help them stay relaxed as well. Also, one of the most important benefits of spending time in a garden is that it allows seniors to think freely and helps them to develop a calm, positive and welcoming mindset.

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